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How I Ate My Summer Vacation — New Eateries Continue to Flood the Peninsula and Beyond

How I Ate My Summer Vacation — New Eateries Continue to Flood the Peninsula and Beyond

Summer in Maine is a short window. It’s a time to slow down, get outside and soak up the warm weather before it inevitably disappears just a few months later. It’s also a time to give your oven a rest and sample some of the newer eats that are popping up around town on a weekly basis, and there’s plenty to look forward to. Not sure where to start? Here are a handful of spots to... Read more

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Hold On To Your Humanity

About a decade ago, I made a conscious decision to try and be more kind. The choice came on the heels of a particularly nasty argument I’d had with a friend from college, one where my words were so thoughtlessly cruel even I had a hard time being around myself in the following days. In the misery of my self-imposed exile, I decided that I couldn’t continue as I had been, and promised myself I’d... Read more

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Politics and Other Mistakes

Kingdom of gettin’ it wrong

Would Mary Mayhew make a good governor? Hell, no. Republican Mayhew, who recently resigned after six years as commissioner of the Department of Health and Human Services so she could announce her gubernatorial ambitions, has an interesting resume. She’s been an active Democrat, directing a 1990 congressional campaign, working for Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton and serving as a congressional aide. She’s also lobbied for the Maine Hospital Association, which strongly supports Medicaid expansion, the exact opposite of Mayhew’s current platform. Now, she’s positioning herself as heir apparent to GOP Gov. Paul LePage. That’s not what makes her a crappy choice for governor...

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'The City Can Do Better': Marpheen Chann's vision for a Port…

'The City Can Do Better': Marpheen Chann's vision for a Portland that's truly for everyone

Last week, the local activist and Maine law graduate Marpheen Chann announced his grassroots effort to run for Portland's City Council, representing District 5 (Deering Center, North Deering, Riverton), a seat currently occupied by David Brenerman. He's running against Kim Cook, who runs a government relations firm, and Craig Dorais, a patent attorney. As a first generation Asian-American and member of the LGBTQ community with real-world experience, Chann says he's uniquely poised to tackle some to the... Read more

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Three Art Shows You Have to See This Summer

Three Art Shows You Have to See This Summer

If your love of Maine art goes deeper than First Friday hangout sessions, check these compelling art shows on view while they're hot. 1. Selvedge at Able Baker Contemporary Curated by muralist and painter Tessa Greene O'Brien, Selvedge is a dynamic group exhibition of artists playing with the fundamental methods of making paintings, substituting new techniques and processes to the fundamental stapes of medium, support, and surface to create avenues that expand the history and tradition of... Read more

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Food & Drink

The Beers of Summer

The Beers of Summer

As I type, it's almost 90 degrees. When my editor requested some summer beer reviews for this column, I nearly wept with joy. Don't get me wrong, loyal reader, I love a good chewy stout when the weather is hot, but nothing drives me to drink like warm weather. This week, I'm going to be sampling some “summer beers.” I'm approaching this from a selfish perspective. I'm not going to... Read more

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A Man and His Logo — Spose drops fifth album 'Good Luck With…

A Man and His Logo — Spose drops fifth album 'Good Luck With Your Life'

For the generation in and entering their thirties, self-employment is a dream. Having watched parents toil in cubicles (and factories and restaurants) during the Reagan and Clinton years was hard, not just because we didn’t get to see them, but because we knew they were so unbelievably bored as they were doing it. Today, the memories of that boredom haunt our work lives, which combined with our generation’s other merriments of more debt, more distraction... Read more

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Outdoors & Sports

The Running Season Continues...

The Running Season Continues...

Army Captain Christopher Scott Cash died on June 24, 2004, when his Bradley Fighting Vehicle came under attack in Baqubah, Iraq by small-arms fire and rocket-propelled grenades. The Old Orchard Beach native left behind a wife and two sons that day. With the help of Veterans Count Maine, the philanthropic arm of Easter Seals Military and Veterans Services, they eventually translated their grievous loss into something their running-enthusiast father and... Read more

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Kids & Pets

Is Our Universe an Electron In a Bigger One?

Is Our Universe an Electron In a Bigger One?

Remember when the junior high science teacher said that a lot of water got back to the ice caps and lakes and rivers when transpiration took place? Remember when it was easy to tell someone that those clouds up there are cumulonimbus, so we better head home? How about this one: How many of us have thought about subatomic particles and the enticing notion that entire universes are contained in... Read more

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