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Bogarting the vote: Three vie to write Maine's legal pot law

State Rep. Diane Russell (top left), David Boyer of national group Marijuana Policy Project (right), and Legalize Maine PAC's Paul McCarrier all want a say on the future of legal pot in Maine. (Illustration by Mark Poutenis)

Making sense of the year that was

Things really aren’t that bad. Simultaneously, everything is the worst.It feels like we just lived through an insanely violent, divisive, and dramatic year. But then, we did that last year, too. Remember 2012? Ugh! That year was the worst. What about the gas lines of 1979, or the typhoid outbreak of 1891? Those were pretty bad years, too.

New Year's Eve outside the box

On New Year’s Eve, 1999, we drank a 20-ounce water bottle filled with Canadian whiskey that we swiped from our parents, then spent the night getting slapped around by our high school girlfriend. Another year we spilled red wine on an ex’s carpet, and then missed the countdown because we had to clean it up before it set. Once we went to a party where there was a “mixologist” slinging Manhattans that made everybody sick.

New DIY space has first show, Lady Lamb releases new music video

Lady Lamb, we love youThere will always be a little corner of The Phoenix reserved for Aly Spaltro. The locally adored lyrical apiarist a/k/a Lady Lamb the Beekeeper last week posted a new lyric music video and announced a March 3 release date for her upcoming LP. Spaltro’s second full-length album After is put out by New York record label Mom+Pop (Andrew Bird, Sleigh Bells), who snatched up the Brunswick-bred singer-songwriter after her 2013 debut…
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