8 Days A Week: Beatles' Nights, Funk Nights, Worst Nights




GIVE RIGHT | If you’re someone in need of a meal today, the soup kitchen team from Wayside Food Programs is offering a free Thanksgiving dinner from noon to 1. | Deering Center Community Church, 4 Brentwood St., Portland | FREE | www.waysidemaine.org


PLUCKED FROM REALITY | Sometimes in order to better understand the realities of our world, we need to turn to artifice. Friday and Saturday, the 19th Annual Animation Show of Shows, a compilation of 16 standout animated shorts from the U.S., Canada and Europe, hits the highbrow screens of the PMA. Highlights include “Hangman,” a restored film 50 years old Paul Julian and Les Goldman, about the necessity of everyday citizens speaking up to injustice. And “Casino,” which continues Canadian filmmaker Steven Woloshen’s craft of making award-winning shorts entirely from film stock. | Fri 2 & 6:30 pm; Sat-Sun 2 pm | Portland Museum of Art, 7 Congress Sq., Portland | $8 | www.portlandmuseum.org

IT'S LIT | Major community feels this evening in the square, as Portland’s people cluster around a great conifer and light it the eff up, an annual tradition. This year’s event is sponsored by Hood, makers of a fine nog — pro-noggers take note. Nearby, the library offers a chance to “warm up” with cookies and hot cocoa, while the Portland Symphony Orchestra plays holiday jams as though we’re all living in a movie. Even kids’ songwriting legend Rick Charette makes an appearance. Considered by the city to be the official kick-off of Christmas, the annual tree-lighting ceremony starts at 5. | 5 pm | Monument Square, Portland | FREE

YOUR BIRD CAN SING | If we're talking Beatles, we at the Phoenix gotta say we're Revolver people all the way. The 1966 album marked their first foray into true weirdness (and frankly, the glory of drugs). We’re psyched that the annual Beatles Night, a post-Thanksgiving cover show launched by Portland pop artist Spencer Albee 15 years ago, has adopted the practice of covering albums in full, ‘cause that means the pleasures of hearing our favorite Beatles album doesn’t have to get mixed up with any of the other stuff. With an impressive team of Portland musicians including Sean Morin, Jon Roods (Rustic Overtones), Andrew Hodgkins, Dan Capaldi (Sea Level), and more, Albee plows through Revolver tonight and Sgt. Pepper Saturday night, with an encore Sunday matinee performance heavy on the intergenerational family hits. | Fri-Sat 8 pm; Sun 4 pm | State Theatre, 609 Congress St., Portland | $18-20 | www.statetheatreportland.com


GOING DOWN | Skiing is one of the admittedly few tricks Mainers have for getting through the winter, though cost — of equipment, of passes, of private health insurance in the U.S. — can be prohibitive. One way to allay that barrier to entry is found today, at the Down East Ski Club Winter Expo, where during the event’s back half, skiers bring their new and used equipment for resale at often deep discounts. Find skis both cross-country and downhill, poles, parkas, jackets, gear bags, snowshoes, goggles and more. Vendors include area retailers from 10 am to 2:30 pm, then commences the public sale of personal and used equipment. | 10 am - 4 pm | Portland Expo, 239 Park Ave., Portland | FREE | www.downeastskiclub.com

SLIGHT RETURN | Since the dude up and moved to Denver, Portland is a decidedly less funky (or maybe faunky?) place without Lyle Divinsky. Understanding that, the city gets a double-shot chance to shake their fat bellies Friday and Saturday, as Divinsky returns to front his Portland band Model Airplane. Billed as “Funksgiving Weekend,” the group tear through a set of predominantly funk covers (Friday), and original Model Airplane material (Saturday). | Fri-Sat 8 pm | Portland House of Music and Events, 25 Temple St., Portland | $15-25 |www.portlandhouseofmusic.com  


TERROIR OF MAINE | We’ve been eating food with wine for ages, but to be honest, we’re not entirely sure what goes well with what. Are wine pairings purely subjective or is there some deeper truth behind the veneer of snobbery? Who’s to say you can’t sip a robust red alongside a seafood dinner? Suss out what it all means at this pairing series on Thompson’s Point. Heads up; it’s pretty cheap, and with three samples of both brunch bites and wines (from Bintliff’s Ogunquit), it’s basically a (quite fancy) light meal! | 1-3 pm | $8 | Cellardoor Winery, 4 Thompsons Pt., Portland | https://mainewine.com/


NEW HIGH SCORE | You’ve messed around with the pinball machines at Arcadia by now, but how good are you really? If you’ve been known to spend time at this lovely nerd cave perhaps it’s time to bet some money on your skills and roll with the big boys. Enter the official tournament. Who knows if you’ll win and set a new record and leave with some cool prizes, but there’s a hell of a lot of fun to be had in the effort. Send an email to arcadianationalbar@gmail.com if interested in filling in one of the 17 open spots. | 1 pm to 8 pm | $30 | Arcadia National Bar, 24 Preble St., Portland | http://arcadiaportland.com/ |


LISTEN UP | Over at USM, a day forum asks community members to define what it means to be "from away." Organized by professor Reza Jalali's "Global Migration and Immigrant Experience" course and Michelle Vazquez Jacobus's "Diversity: Many Voices" syllabus, a group of storytellers tell their tales for the public. Pin your lunch hour to “From Away: Stories of Entrée, Immigration, and Change.”

| 11:30 am-12:30 pm | Free | University of Southern Maine, Woodbury Campus Center, Bedford St., Portland

PARTICIPATE | Today marks a chance for those living in District 3 to join a meet-n-greet with their representative on the Portland City Council: Brian Batson. (Mayor Ethan Strimling and City Manager Jon Jennings will also be in attendance). Batson also sits on the Health and Human Services Committee, which is currently deliberating the Paid Sick Days measure proposed by the Southern Maine Workers Center and the Maine Women’s Lobby. So if you think Portland workers should be able to earn paid sick time (or have other municipal concerns), now might be a convenient time to let Batson know. | 6:30 pm | Free | Deering High School, 370 Stevens Ave., Portland | http://www.portlandmaine.gov/1355/Annual-District-Meetings

AMUSE ME | Cultural shifts have hardened most people’s taste for comedy. However, in what can seem like a desert of quality jokes we know there’s still an oasis of genuinely funny material at Blue, at least once a week. The series, Worst Day of the Week, continues with comedians Brett Johnson, Rachel Gendron, James Huessy, Lucas O'Neil, Nikki Martin, Benjamin Roberts, Micaela Tepler, Anders J. Nielsen, and this paper’s “Best Comedian” Connor McGrath behind the mic. | 8 pm to 10 pm | $5 suggested donation | Blue, 650 Congress St., Portland | http://portcityblue.com/


THE GOOD KIND | The dreary atmosphere outside calls for some really well written Appalachian country music to lifts us above the grey fog. The folk duo David Rawlings and Gillian Welch show up just in time, touring through Portland with their third album Poor David’s Almanack, an emotive ascent built on old ideas, and some beautiful harmonies. | 8 pm | $32 | State Theatre, 609 Congress St., Portland | https://www.statetheatreportland.com/


FINGER PICKIN’ GOOD | Head over to the Portland House of Music tonight and get acquainted with your new favorite guitar player because Mihali Savoulidis of the Vermont jam band Twiddle is in town. Known for his dexterity, Savoulidis’ riffs are truly something to behold. He also knows how to make some really trippy, seamless effects with his loop pedal — making this concert a reliable form of escapism. | 8 pm to 1 am | $12 | Portland House of Music, 25 Temple St., Portland | http://www.portlandhouseofmusic.com/

KNOW THY NEIGHBOR | Some corners of small-town-America are truly scary places. And if you spend enough time in those towns with a camera, monsters start to emerge and you’ll return with footage resembling a horror movie. Take Leith, North Dakota for example, where a nasty old white supremacist there is trying to carve a racist enclave out of what’s generally a normal American town. The chilling film Welcome to Leith screens today, and follows this man (who’s not worth naming here) as he gets positively unhinged in the process. This intense, slow-burning thriller, exposes a small community of loud and violent Americans pushing their First Amendment rights to abhorrent extremes. What will the local community around them — which includes only one black man — do? | 7-9:30 pm | Free | SPACE Gallery, 538 Congress St., Portland | http://www.space538.org

ENVIRONMENTAL WOES | The Arctic is mysterious and beautiful. Unfortunately, it’s also deteriorating due to climate change. Forces like melting ice-caps, ocean acidification, pollution, loss of biodiversity, and a renewed interest in tourism and oil development all affect the fisheries and overall sustainability in this important region. Considering the global nature of climate change, and the fact that Maine’s known as the gateway to the Arctic, it’s a relevant topic to devote thought to. Peter Ralston, a photographer and founder of the Island Institute hosts a panel discussion on these matters today with local experts Dr. Andrew Pershing and Dr. Heather Desse from the Gulf of Maine Research Institute. | 5:30-7:30 pm | Free | Portland Public Library, 5 Monument Sq., Portland | http://www.islandinstitute.org/arctic


EDIT IT | Job hunters out there: have you considered troubleshooting your cover letter and resume? Letting the folks over at the Young Nonprofit Professional Network read through and critique it could make your credentials that much more competitive. We’re of the opinion that it sucks that society encourages you to distill your worth and life experience onto a page of paper, and job-hunting is about the least-enjoyable process in the world, but, it’s the one we live in. This workshop could be useful. Get it over with already and polish that resume! | 6-7:30 pm | Free | 565 Congress St., 2nd Floor, Portland | http://www.ynpnmaine.org/resume_cover_letter_workshop

NATURE’S MATERIALS | We’re pretty sure that the Urban Farm Fermentory is the only place in town where you can drink and learn a new, eccentric, and outdoorsy kind of skill. (Last week, a workshop on processing acorns into flour was held there.) This time around people there are proving yet again that stuff on the ground could be more useful than you might think. They plan on experimenting with Maine’s state flower, the white pine, and coil its sinuous fibers into lovely usable baskets. All this, of course, will be done in-between generous sips of kombucha, cider, and beer. Work with your hands and craft someone a gift infused with the power of sentimental value. Plus, it’s a pretty Maine thing to do, and we’re fans of that aesthetic. | 5-7 pm | $20 | Urban Farm Fermentory, 200 Anderson St., Portland | https://www.fermentory.com/

MEMENTO MORI | If you strip away all the distractions that come from culture, you’ll realize that a lot of our subconscious thought is dedicated to avoiding death. From when we look both ways to crossing the street, to when we click our seatbelt on in the car, to when we throw away food if it’s moldy, to even when we inhale each breath, much our time is spent postponing this inevitable reality. Humans are really good at staying alive, but not so good at talking about death. We tend to ignore the fact that everything we love will come to an end one day, but a better life can be lived facing that hard truth head-on. The Equality Community Center hosts its own Death Cafe today, providing some tools to do just that from an LGBT perspective. Death Cafes are part of a movement across the world of public forums centered between the two painful sides of the phenomenon: losing a loved one forever, and ceasing to exist yourself. Let’s talk about it. | 5:30-7:30 pm | Free | Equality Community Center, 511 Congress St., Portland | http://deathcafe.com/ |

LIKE THE GOOD OL' DAYS | Randomly, we humans can get in competitive moods. Other times we feel like getting beer drunk. Occasionally we can feel nostalgic and long for our seemingly carefree college years. And sometimes all three of those moods can converge into a mindset that can only be satisfied by something like the ping pong tournament kicking off at Bayside Bowl tonight. Try a new beer from the Austin Street Brewery and enter the competition. Just remember, it’s all in the wrist. | 4-10 pm | Free | Bayside Bowl, 58 Alder St., Portland | https://www.baysidebowl.com/


COME BACK TO US | There’s a lot happening in downtown Portland next Thursday, so we hope you schedule your time wisely. Several events next week piqued our interest including: a Viva show at Crooners and Cocktails (trust us, make this a date night), Tall Heights with Yoke Lore at the State Theatre, a laser show set to Pink Floyd hits at Aura, and a “night of performance, noise and outsider folk” with Crank Sturgeon, Id M Theft Able, Dan Knudsen, and Sterile Garden at the Apohadion Theater. Leaving the music world, we’re excited to see Nate Marshall, the editor of the Breakbeat Poets: New American Poetry in the Age of Hip Hop, reading his powerful work at the SPACE Gallery, and what should be a hilarious stand-up show at Port City by the very famous, yet still down-to-Earth Colin Quinn. More details on Quinn’s comedy on page 25, and for info on everyone else, flip through these pages next week.

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