GET VERTICAL | If you’re in the area, make sure to spend your lunch break in Congress Square Park today, because you’ll get to witness something exciting and unusual: acrobats, tethered on ropes, dancing on the side of the Westin building. The Bandaloop troupe is coming to town and is quite a sight to behold. A fear of heights is not a hindrance for these brave acrobats; they’ve danced on the side of Seattle’s Space Needle, NYC’s Stock Exchange, and the cliff face of Yosemite's El Capitan. If you miss their noontime shenanigans at the Westin, they’ll be defying gravity again on Friday at 5:00 pm on the side One City Center.

| FREE | 12:00 pm | Congress Square Park, Portland | |


SEASONED STRINGS | A gorgeous display of musicianship commences tonight courtesy of the talents of Quad (a collaboration between cellist Devon Colella and drummer Chris Wilkes), Spanish guitarist Gregoire Pearce, and the folk-pop duo Builder of the House. Soothe your soul with strings.

| $8 | 9:00 pm | Empire, 575 Congress St., Portland | |




Kat Wright. Photo By: Luis Ruiz.

ALT-EXPERIENCES | There’s a shit-ton of music available tonight (which is 24 metric ass-loads for the curious). Waking Windows is naturally dominating Portland’s concert options tonight, but there are few others outside the festival worth paying a modicum of attention to. The incredibly versatile DJ duo of Thievery Corporation is spinning a cosmopolitan dance party at Aura around 7:30 pm. Next up, some local celebs are trying out their best Freddie Mercury impressions at the third edition of Queen Tribute Night at Port City Music Hall at 9:00 pm. Tonight’s also Portland’s second chance to hear Kat Wright’s beautiful voice and her powerful, Indomitable Soul backup band, as they’re playing another set at PHOME, this time alongside Chris Roth and the North. And lastly, the Downeast Soul Collective is setting up shop for a free, casual, and funky concert outside in Congress Square Park at 6:00 pm. With so much music happening downtown at once, you’ll need to plan your night strategically.


FROM PODCAST TO STAGE | Don’t go see LA-based comedian Tom Segura’s Portland show if you’re easily offended. Seriously, Segura himself won’t want you there. The name of his show No Teeth, No Entry, implies a tacit truth about traditional comedy shows; leave your delicate sensibilities at the door or you won’t have a good time.

| $25 | 8:00 pm | State Theatre, 609 Congress St., Portland | |




SIP AND SHOP | It’s honestly about time CBD’s spacious roastery did something like this: the cafe will be transformed into an artsy marketplace for an evening. Attend their first ever pop up market and buy something weird and local while you work on that caffeine buzz. Sales will go to benefit the fairly nascent Greater Portland Immigrant Welcome Center and the vital, welcoming work they do for New Mainers. Nice initiative, CBD.

| FREE | 10:00 am to 4:00 pm | Coffee By Design, 1 Diamond St., Portland | |


WINDOW-WAKER | There’s not much worth doing in Portland tonight that isn’t part of the Waking Windows festival. So jump back to page TK for our advice on how to spend your afternoon/evening. There’s a lot of music/comedy/art/lectures to digest, so good luck prioritizing which ones matter to you most! But do attend; the only ones that aren’t are the children, the elderly, some introverts, and the people that still consider Oasis a good time.

| $15 to $30 | 11:00 am to 11:00 pm | Up and Down Congress Street | |




JUST FALL THINGS | October 1st feels like the first real “fall day” doesn’t it? You’ve likely been looking for an excuse to partake in the seasonal activities that make it onto cute Buzzfeed listicles, so here’s one chance: the annual Portland Harvest Festival. It’s kicking off where it always does, Deering Oaks Park, where dozens of Portlanders will munch on apples, ride on a horse-drawn wagons, and buy some of those overrated gourd things to scatter needlessly around the house later. Heads up though, this fair is organized by a Christian church. If you have kids, you’re going to have a better time here. If not, perhaps drive West to the Fryeburg Fair — which kicks off today — because we all know that’s the real deal.

| FREE | 12:30 pm to 4:00 pm | Deering Oaks Park, Portland | |




FUNNY OR NAH | Playing Cards Against Humanity usually makes everyone involved a little bit funnier. But what if some of Portland’s funniest comics played? And with custom cards? Let’s see what hilariously inappropriate ideas the contestants cook up during this unique, hybrid show that pits local comics together for a couple rounds of the game on stage.

| FREE | 9:30 pm | Empire, 575 Congress St., Portland | |


DON’T EVER QUIT | Despite some serious problems, America is probably the greatest country in the world when it comes to individual freedoms. It’s still a place where hard work, integrity, and endurance, are usually rewarded. Steve Pemberton, whose new memoir A Chance In The World: An Orphan Boy releases this week, can attest to the trials and tribulations present on the road to success. He’ll be at USM today for an event called “Every Dream Starts Somewhere” where he’ll speak about his latest book, and the challenges disadvantaged youth face while working for a chance at higher education. Hopefully, this educational hour will inspire you to put in more effort into that one thing in your life that requires it.

| FREE |6:00 pm | University of Southern Maine, 120 Bedford St., Portland | |




UNHOLY TRINITY | For a numerologist, the number three brings to mind a whole host of esoteric things. But for the folks at Empire, it’s just reminder of a night dedicated to cheap but wholesome punk music. Every week at the club, 3 bands will play for just a $3 cover charge. This time around the bands Random Ideas, Acadia, and Young Culture are slated to climb on stage, seethe, emote, and rock on repeat. Oh and the beers are all $3 too, which always helps make these sort of nights more palatable.

| $3 | 9:00 pm | Empire, 575 Congress St., Portland | |





WORK IT | The bearded, blue-collar hero Ron Pope tours through Portland today with his recently released, 7th studio album Work, which features some interesting tidbits of wisdom on how to balance the tricky relationship between work and well, the other parts of life that actually matter. It’s a highly relatable, not-so-dreary sonic journey, that we hear lends itself quite well to a live performance — reviews for the tour so far have been nothing but positive. Pope’s joined tonight by rockabilly band Ages and Ages, and The Heart Of.

| $20 | 8:00 pm | Port City Music Hall, 504 Congress St., Portland | |


TACO HEAVEN | It’s likely that you don’t need a reason to gorge on the wonderful creations that are tacos. But in case you did, it’s National Taco Day today, meaning it’s entirely possible to get a bunch of these delicious things mad cheap. We recommend you visit the places that make them the best: El Rayo, Taco Escobarr, and El Corazon. You could also venture down to Margaritas, and attempt to conquer their El Gigante taco: a crispy shell packed with monstrous amounts of beans, rice, ground beef, chicken, carnitas, cheese, salsa fresca, bacon, queso, hacienda sauce, picante sauce, crema and pickled jalapeños. Do it.


CREATURE FEATURE |  “There's never been a rat problem in Baltimore, it's always been a people problem,” says one character in Theo Anthony’s bizarrely gripping documentary Rat Film. The movie explores humanity in Baltimore but through the eyes of its rats, the people that kill them, the people that love them, and the people that live alongside them. You won’t soon forget this film, as its unique take on nature, society, history, and social justice linger in the brain much longer than expected. It’s a surprisingly dense film that’s not to be missed.

| $8 | 7:00 pm | SPACE Gallery, 538 Congress St., Portland | |




ALWAYS WATCHING | Next week’s edition of 8 Days will bring details about a socially conscious photo exhibit at the Atrium Gallery in Lewiston, an eyebrow-raising discussion about the intersection of art and politics at the Maine Girls Academy, a special screening of cult classic Donnie Darko, and the Broken Social Scene concert at the State Theatre. We’ll also let you know which day will likely be the best one to venture out to the good ol’ Fryeburg Fair.

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