Psychic Roots: Twisted Roots drummer prepares for ‘Dinner with a Psychic’ at Rivalries


“Life isn’t short, chapters are,” Maine psychic medium Sonny Robinson told me recently as I interviewed him at Rivalries. He was referring to his deeply held belief that our souls come through this life many times and that while each life in the physical form on earth, each “chapter,” may be rather brief, our souls are immortal.

We sat down at a table upstairs at the popular sports bar and restaurant Rivalries, where Robinson has done over 200 psychic readings. He is dressed in black and has raven black hair and looks a little like Alice Cooper, which is quite apt, as he has been a longtime drummer for the celebrated Maine rock band Twisted Roots, who have opened for the likes of Alice Cooper and Ozzy Osbourne.

We talked about his career as a musician and medium and about his upcoming “Dinner with a Psychic,” which will be held at Rivalries on Tuesday, Sept. 15.

Robinson, born and bred in Rockland, still spends time there. He said he began seeing ghosts as a kid and could predict things that would occur the next day. It was in the blood, as his grandmother and other relatives were clairvoyant. Of Native American heritage, Robinson has long experienced paranormal events, including observing UFOs. He states that Portland and Maine are very haunted; the long history of the state practically requires it. North Haven, Maine is especially haunted, as is the West End of Portland, he noted.

Robinson became a professional psychic medium more than 10 years ago at Leaping Lizards on Forest Avenue and worked at and has been featured on radio and television, including a gig as Sonny Robinson the Rock’n Roll Psychic on WBLM, Maine’s premier rock’n roll station. Robinson would answer phone calls from across the country and do readings and remote viewings. He has done thousands of readings all over the state and has done at least 200 at Rivalries, where staff are very supportive of his work. And, yes, Rivalries is haunted, but by good spirits! Robinson states that the 19th century building is haunted by intelligent entities and has a cool energy. He has predicted births, deaths, and other events and firmly believes in the Law of Attraction.

“Without the mind, there is no universe,” he said. “We create stuff with our mind.”

Robinson, who also firmly believes in karma, has seen and dealt with many spirits over the years, as well as other multi-dimensional beings. He has done house cleansings where negative energy and or spirits were present. Robinson does single readings for $100 and group readings of up to 10 people for $300. Many people have written testimonials attesting to his unique abilities, which can be found on his website (

Robinson did not read me. He said he turns his psychic abilities off when he is socializing or conducting business, such as the interview I did with him. It is on standby; he described it like a starry night: At first you see only one star, then another and another. Pretty soon the night sky is lit up with stars. Robinson’s ability is much like that, it fades in and out; when he does readings he goes into a trance-like state. Robinson, who turned 45 a few weeks ago, still loves music and is still a drummer, but Twisted Roots, a “melodic hard rock/metal/alt” group, is currently on hiatus. They will be back, we trust, as they are one of the state’s truly original rock bands.

For fans interested in Twisted Roots, the band’s debut album, Turn To Stone, was released Oct. 26, 1993, and marked its 21-year anniversary last fall.

SONNY ROBINSON | Tuesday, Sept. 15 | Rivalries, 10 Cotton St., Portland | $50, dinner and a unique psychic experience | FMI, see or email Sonny Robinson at

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