With the many issues we all witness in the news these days regarding immigration, drug abuse and homelessness in our great state, many of us search for answers and ways we can help. Hope Acts, a non-profit organization located right here in Portland, works alongside addicts and alcoholics in recovery as well as immigrant asylum seekers to create a community where all people experience social, emotional, physical, economic and spiritual wellbeing. The organization also offers a volunteer program with numerous opportunities for community members to be involved in areas of recovery wellness and immigrant support.

Just as Hope Acts offer support for others, local musicians and community members will be showing support for Hope Acts this Friday, July 1 at the Portland House of Music and Events (HOME) with “Take Back Home,” a benefit concert hosted by the local band SeepeopleS. The show will also feature other acts such as Anarkitty, Sea Level, Viva & The Reinforcements, Renee Colbrith and C$Burns as Ex Post, Hannah Daman & The Martelle Sisters, Clara Junken, Fred Copeman, Joel Thetford, Akela Moon, Giant Knife and a late night DJ set.

With the concert being billed as Take Back Home, William Bradford of SeepeopleS notes the title as a tongue-in-cheek response to legislators who are looking to change an aspect that makes Portland so great: Diversity. “Take Back Home is literally our effort to fight back,” says Bradford. “The Portland community is very diverse, vibrant and includes people from many different places. We don’t want to see that change.”

All proceeds from Take Back Home will go directly to the Hope Acts organization as it continues its efforts to relocate refugees in the area. While Bradford has always believed in and supported the Hope Acts cause, he had yet to be affiliated with the organization until this opportunity presented itself. “Our keyboard player, Fred Copeman has done a lot of work with Hope Acts,” says Bradford. “That opened the door for us to put on this concert because we all really believe in it.”

With SeepeopleS hosting the event, Bradford says that the band recruited other musician friends and acts that the group supports and felt would be a great fit for the show. That being said, the music that will take place at the benefit show does not adhere to one genre or theme, much like the music of SeepeopleS. “It’s all over the place,” says Bradford. “The night will feature acoustic singer/songwriters, heavier-sounding bands, punk and progressive rock music as well.”

In addition the community of musicians that will be on display this Friday night, local businesses have jumped on board in support of the show. Salvage BBQ is sponsoring and catering the event and will offer an array of choices. Other sponsors include Hot Trash Portland, American Roots Apparel and the newspaper you're reading, the Portland Phoenix. There will also be raffles throughout the night that feature prizes such as,  two tickets to the New Hampshire Hemp Festival ($280 value), tickets to the Matrix Music Festival and A Radiohead after-party show featuring SeepeopleS in NYC in which the winner will get to ride to the show with the band. The raffles will also feature gift certificates from Silly’s, Portland Empire and a host of other local businesses.

When reaching out for support for the show, Take Back Home received a great response from local businesses as many were currently involved with Hope Acts or had been in the past. “I think it’s a true testament to how great Hope Acts is,” says Bradford. “Many businesses were already on the donor list and were happy to contribute to anything involving the organization.”

In choosing the venue for Take Back Home, Bradford says that HOME was the perfect fit for what is SeepeopleS is looking to accomplish. “With everything that’s going on that night with the number of different bands and catering, we found that HOME was the right-sized venue; big enough to host everything but small enough to be intimate,” he shares. “I’ve also known the owner, Ken Bell, for years so it was kind of a no-brainer.”


Tickets for Take Back Home can be purchased at www.portlandhouseofmusic.com for $8 in advance or $10 day of show. Doors will open at 5:00pm and music starts at 6:00pm.

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