GIVING THEM A FRESH CHANCE Forever Homes await dogs and cats at Petco in South Portland.

Finding ‘forever families’ for pets in Maine

Staff from The Pixel Fund, a Maine volunteer nonprofit devoted to pet rescue and advocacy, is holding a dog and cat adoption event at Petco in South Portland this Saturday between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. Take advantage of this opportunity to welcome a new companion into your family’s home.

The Pixel Fund started five years ago in Gorham with the mission of saving the lives of shelter pets through education, advocacy and rescue efforts and through participation in community activities. It has grown to include outreach branches in Florida and Georgia, including the program Teens Assisting Puppies in Florida, which helps incarcerated youth by teaching them to care for and love an animal. The Pixel Fund hopes to establish a similar program here in Maine in the near future.

Until then, the dogs and cats that will be at Petco on Saturday are eager to make friends. Janet Williams, president and founder of The Pixel Fund, said, “The best part is seeing (the animals’) interaction with potential adopters and explaining to them their history and their development as pets. And if a dog or a cat can express joy, you can certainly see it when they meet their forever family.”

The Pixel Fund Pet Adoption Event | Saturday, Dec. 12, 10:00am-1:00pm | Petco, 220 Maine Mall Road, South Portland |

Shelters offered to feral cats in OOB

In Old Orchard Beach, anyone who is feeding feral cats can go an extra step and provide shelter, with the help of a community group.

Community Animal Watch is building shelters to help the cats that are outside and need to make it through the winter. The program reportedly has generated good response. Donations are always welcome, but the shelters are available regardless of ability to pay, organizers say.

Anyone who is interested can call Debbie Anischik at 207.205.7521.

_+David Carkhuff

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