THIS DOG IS NOT IMPRESSED but you’ll be when find out that at the ARLGP, you can outfit your dog with a microchip, so he/she will never get lost.

On Valentine’s Day at 11:00am, the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland will hold a Doggie Kissing Booth fundraiser at The Dog Wash Etc. to boost the remaining construction of the ARLGP’s new facility, while raising awareness at the same time. Those in attendance will enjoy giveaways, free samples, the chance to have professional photos taken, and of course, lots of sloppy canine kisses!

The new pet adoption center was mentioned here recently and is nearing completion. According to the ARLGP’s website, “[We] will always be a safe haven for homeless and displaced pets, but in a new facility, we will also be a destination for innovative education, field trips, workshops and events, all for the benefit of animals.”

For The Dog Wash Etc.’s part, they are also in the business of promoting wellness for our canine friends: “we believe in promoting proper pet nutrition and wellness. By educating clients on the importance of holistic food and canine hygiene we can take care of pets from the inside out … We're always looking for ways to better suit the needs of our clients, both human and canine, and have always believed in reinvesting in the business to ensure our mission's relevance to the community.”

Sounds like a win-win!

Doggie Kissing Booth Fundraiser for Animal Refuge League | The Dog Wash Etc. 1037 Forest Ave Portland, ME | Sunday, February 14, at 11:00 am | 207-854-9771 |

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