TOO CUTE TO DENY Coastal Humane Society in Brunswick plans a puppy adoption.

Kids bugging you for a pet, and Christmas is the time? Come to the Coastal Humane Society’s puppy adoption event at 30 Range Road in Brunswick on Saturday at noon, go through the adoption process, and have a puppy or other pet delivered to your home by Santa or one of his elves on Christmas Day.

The 35 puppies are rescues from Blairesville, Ga., and they would all love to meet a caring family. Adopters have the option of bringing their new family members home as soon as the paperwork is complete, or signing up for Christmas delivery.

Starting Wednesday, Dec. 16, pictures of the puppies will be available on the Society’s Facebook page at

Jane Siviski, marketing manager for the Coastal Humane Society, said that there was no shortage of staff volunteers for Santa duty. “Seeing animals go home is everything to our staff and volunteers. Nothing would make them happier than to deliver a shelter animal to a loving new family, especially on Christmas day,” Siviski said.

One caveat: Beware having a pet delivered to someone other than the adopter or their immediate family in the same household. “Otherwise you would risk giving an animal to someone who isn’t prepared for it, or even interested in having a pet,” said Shelter Executive Director Joe Montisano.

On Monday, Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland, based at 449 Stroudwater St., Westbrook, officially kicked off its annual 12 Saves of Christmas blog series. The series will feature 12 adoptions of 2015 that were significant to ARL. “In reality, every adoption is special, but we will tell you about 12 that left an even bigger pawprint on our hearts,” the Animal Refuge League reported. Visit

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