William Tyler [Photo by Angelina Castillo]


Learn all about screenprinting and letterpress printing at “PRINT-N-SWOON,” a V-Day charmer of a workshop at Pickwick Independent Press, where you can print your own tote bag and letterpress print your own poster. | Feb 14 | 5:30 pm | Pickwick Independent Press, 522 Congress St. | $20-35 | www.pickwickindependentpress.com


The burlesque troupe PORT CITY PEEP SHOW offer a special Valentine’s Day evening, because someone’s got to break up this stuffiness. The evening features burlesque-specific and variety show guests, including Honey Devereaux and Betty Von Kekse of Lady Luck Burlesque, Kinky Slippers and Tess La Twizzler. | Feb 14 | 8 pm | Portland House of Music, 25 Temple St. | $12-15 | www.portlandhouseofmusic.com


Here acting as selectors, ASH & HERB — aka Ash Brooks (author of the Stargazing horoscope in this here paper) and Matt Lajoie (Herbcraft, Cursillistas) — prance on the decks to uncork a set of “uptempo ‘60s floor-fillers, heavy funk and deep soul cuts” from their personal collections. Guest DJ $CREAMS opens. | Feb 14 | 8 pm | SPACE, 538 Congress St. | $10 | www.space538.org


A fearsome metal group born from punk and hardcore, the Texas band PORTRAYAL OF GUILT have been compared to groups like Converge, Infest, Oathbreaker and pg. 99, fusing with powerviolence, screamo, death metal, and other outre forms. With a full length album on Profound Lore Records, a titan label in cutting edge heavy music, they’re an exciting band for fans who go to these limits. They headline a massive bill with Philadelphia powerviolence band FLUORIDE, Portland dark ambient project KØVVNS, and New England-based relatives FLOODING PANAMA and SORES. | Feb 14 | 8:30 pm | Geno's Rock Club, 625 Congress St. | $8


We’re not sure how close the tongue is to the cheek here, and it doesn’t matter, because the MARILYN MANSON TRIBUTE hosted by Portland indie-punk band Mouth Washington is going to be fun as hell. The group whips up MM’s Dead to the World Tour, which is of course the name of the one they launched in 1996 in support of Antichrist Superstar, a tour which sent actual adult human beings — many of them senators, mayors, governors, and other elected officials (and the vast majority of those GOP) — clutching as many pearls as there exist in the mighty ocean. Everyone knows the exquisitely dumb anthem “The Beautiful People,” but it’s an unbelievable lesson in American civics to study how far these guys got with a drop D fixation got and a well-committed prank on American media. Portland punk group Phallus Über Alles give us a tribute to L7 to open. All proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders.  | Feb 15 | 8 pm | The Apohadion Theater, 107 Hanover St. | $5-10


The melancholic dark lounge band JOHNNY CREMAINS began 10 years ago while its members were in other, heavier bands that packed Portland clubs. Most if not all of those have since disbanded, while this campy, croony, largely unclassifiable act, led by singer Sean Libby, is still barreling on. Their members are no more than two degrees away from half the music in the city. See folks come out for this one, with openers QUAD, a cello and drum duo, and GLACIER, a cathartic post-rock/doom band from Boston. | Feb 15 | 8 pm | Geno's Rock Club, 625 Congress St. | $8


The rendition of the story of THE THREE LITTLE PIGS is supposedly wild at the Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine. The audience participates, Little Red Riding Hood makes an appearance as a real estate agent, and there are apparently three times as many wolves as necessary to tell the story, maximum huff and puff. Let these kids show you a thing or two about how stories work | Through March 3 | Fri 4 pm; Sat-Sun 1 & 4 pm; Wed-Thu 11 am & 2 pm | Children's Museum & Theatre of Maine, 142 Free St. | $18


An impressively wide-spectrum collection of Portland musicians share one of the city's most breathtaking stages today, in an inaugural edition of a city-produced event. Titled "Hear Here," this Sunday afternoon performance collects R&B/soul singer JANAESOUND, indie-punk band WEAKENED FRIENDS, dancer RILEY WATTS, Burundi drumming group BATIMBO UNITED, rapper SARAH VIOLETTE and frequent collaborator RENEE COOLBRITH, chamber-folk act PALAVER STRINGS, rapper/producer JUST PLAIN JONES, and JAMES KENNERLEY & FRIENDS OF THE KOTZSCHMAR ORGAN, and trumpeter BETTY RINES of the Portland Symphony Orchestra. | Feb 17 | Sun 4 pm | Merrill Auditorium, 20 Myrtle St., Portland | $14-28


At this fine night of play inside and out of rock forms, catch the Philly psych/experimental group KENDUSKEAG with YARD DOG, a haunting, rural-feeling, outsider-folk duo/act, and DELIVERY DRIVER, a project of Quinn Farwell from the band amiright?.  | Feb 18 | 8 pm | The Apohadion Theater, 107 Hanover St. | $5-10 donation


The “slinky soul pop” prowess so practiced by Portland songwriter CILLA BONNIE has led her to tackle an entire Jeff Buckley album, a fine second act to her own work, which she displays on last year’s Sade-styled debut EP Somehow. She plays with GRETCHEN KLEMPA, a soul-jazz artist on loan from her full-time gig in Gretchen and the Pickpockets. | Feb 20 | 7 pm | The Apohadion Theater, 107 Hanover St. | $5-10 donation


A child prodigy of indie-rock gone devotee of American primitive guitar, WILLIAM TYLER has since fused in elements of trad-folk, Southern blues, and straight up, Windham Hill-meets-Michael Hedges-style new age on his recent album, Goes West. He’s a beautiful player, has come a hell of a way since playing guitar in Lambchop and the Silver Jews, and he’s still under 40. Should be a fun night. | Feb 20 | 8 pm | One Longfellow Square, 181 State St. | $15 donation


If you slept on getting tickets to the sold out, then rescheduled J MASCIS show in December, you’re in luck. The erstwhile Dinosaur Jr. warlock returns to the city to satisfy his throng of wizened alt-rock fans. Known for his earsplitting decibel worship in Dino, Mascis has also been putting out solo albums lately, where his guitar work no less dazzles. | Feb 21 | Thu 8 pm | Port City Music Hall, 504 Congress St. | $25-30 

listings1_DirigoDocs_Alan MageeArt Is Not A Solace.jpeg

Alan Magee: Art is Not a Solace (from Dirigo Docs)


DIRIGO DOCS are a collection of eight short films from Maine shown during the annual Camden International Film Festival. They arrive to Portland for a special first of its kind screening outside the festival and is followed by a short Q and A with the filmmakers. Pictured here is one of the works of 20th century realist artist Alan Magee, the subject of the short film Art Is Not Solace, an exploration of the common themes that link his work to social commentary, activism, and the fundamental interplay between good and evil. | Feb 21 | Thu 7 pm | Maine College of Art | 522 Congress St., Portland  


Nat Geo’s 2016 documentary BEFORE THE FLOOD is an intense one. It follows Leonardo Di Caprio around the world as he interviews leaders like Barack Obama and Pope Francis on environmental policy while also examining first hand the devastating impact of climate change on coastal communities. It’s beautifully shot and epic in scope but also terrifying and way too real. Stick around after the screening for a conversation with some very smart people including scientists and policy wonks from Maine Conservation Voters, the Union of Concerned Scientists, Friends of Casco Bay, and the Conservation Law Foundation. They will localize the global threat of climate change, outline what it will mean for Maine, and discuss some concrete ways you, the mere individual, can take action. | Feb 21 | Thu 6:30 pm | Patagonia, 100 Main St., Freeport | Free




Who had legendary hip hop group BLACKALICIOUS playing a Portland bowling alley on their future of music bingo cards? In what could be one of the funnest shows of the winter, join the Quannum all-stars Gift of Gab and Chief XCel as they course through their 25-year history. With Portland rapper BEN SHORR and producer/DJ MOSART212. | Feb 23 | Sat 8 pm | Bayside Bowl | 58 Alder St., Portland | $20 


Whenever they suit up, Portland no wave, synthpunk dance band/event VIDEO NASTIES are routinely one of the most mind-neutralizing forces in the city. They chart a course off the map with acolytes GOITER outta Peru, and CHEAP CITY, a clattering and somewhat skronky dance-punk band from Western Mass. Portland’s experimental rock band AMIRIGHT? also join up | Feb 23 | Sat 8:30 pm | SPACE | 538 Congress St., Portland | $10 


There are a good two more false springs to go before we strike gold, but it's not too early to start thinking about what hog you'll be riding this summer. That's right, get your bicycle out of the basement and head to the Portland Gear Hub, which hosts a workshop titled "KNOW YOUR BIKE" today. Designed for women/trans/femme/gender non-conforming folks to as an introduction to your bike, its components, how they work, and how to diagnose and repair a problem. Learn the basics about bike anatomy, how bikes work, and important bike components. | Feb 26 | Tue 6-8 pm | Portland Gear Hub | 88 Anderson St., Portland | $5-30 sliding scale 


Film: Mountain Miracle


The very last in the PMA’s well-received New German Film Series, MOUNTAIN MIRACLE is an award winning German film by Tobias Wiemann about an unexpected friendship. Set in the Alpine region of Northern Italy, the film follows a young girl struggling with asthma who is desperate to escape from what she considers a personal hell. During her stay in a local clinic, she meets a boy named Bart who tells her the story of a legendary mountain that shelters a miraculous fire which can heal all maladies. Together, they set off in search of it. | Feb 28 | Thu 5:30 pm | Portland Museum of Art | 7 Congress Sq., Portland | $9 

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