We’ll be damned if this holiday isn’t America’s most complicated one. On the one hand, we’re more aware each year of this country’s inequities, income and resource inequalities, oppressive power structures, craven commercial forces, track record for stealing land, and systematic whitewashing of the histories and cultures of marginalized people. Thanksgiving is inextricable from that stuff! On the other, it is undeniably nice to observe a few days dedicated to gratitude, rest, and the celebration of family (however one defines the term) and community. It all makes for an uneasy aura of peace — very American! Anyway, you don’t need us to tell you what to do today, but it may be useful to know that Wayside Food Programs hosts its annual COMMUNITY THANKSGIVING MEAL in the West End. Produced by 75 volunteers and the help of Black Tie Company, DiMillo’s, Garbage to Garden, Hannaford, and Whole Foods, it’s a warm one, and over 300 friends and neighbors gathered at last year’s. | Nov 22 | Thu 11 am-1 pm | The Portland Club, 156 State St, Portland | waysidemaine.org


It’s way up in Orono, but if you happen to be traveling north for Thanksgiving (and wanna do something for your body before lazing around a few days), consider dropping in to a COMMUNITY YOGA CLASS at Om Land Yoga. There are countless yoga, pilates, and other workout classes taking place on the earlier part of Thursday, but this one benefits Maine-Wabanaki REACH, an organization promoting justice and healing and restoration practices between Maine’s white and indigenous populations.  | Nov 22 | Thu 8:30 am | Om Land Yoga, 19 Mill St, Orono | www.mainewabanakireach.org


Is there anything better than “getting the band back together”? Even metaphorically speaking, it feels good! This weekend, in what’s turning into a(nother) fine post-Thanksgiving Portland ritual, the laryngeally blessed soul singer Lyle Divinsky returns, on leave from his life in Colorado (where he sings for the group The Motet), to perform with MODEL AIRPLANE, the big band funkgasm he fronted here for many years. Model Airplane’s two-night “Funksgiving: Bringing the Family Back Together,” is a cozy, goofy, boozy way to shake out those fat bellies. | Nov 23-24 | Fri-Sat 9 pm | Portland House of Music, 25 Temple St, Portland | $15-20 ($25 for a two-night pass) | www.portlandhouseofmusic.com


Garnet Rogers [Photo Credit: Bruce Dienes]


A sound-drenching in the last side of town, LUCY LEWIS and BALLOON MONUMENT arrive from Annandale-onHudson New York (a/k/a Bard territory) to show us their findings on modular synthesizer. They’re received by Portland performance artist LAUREN TOSSWILL, whose singular and visceral performance work never disappoints. Noise artist STERILE GARDEN offers grimy metallic tape loops and post-industrial clang, while meditative duo SOLID STATE ENTITY and SABLE SANBORN fill in all the blank spots.  | Nov 24 | Sat 8 pm | The Apohadion Theater, 107 Hanover St, Portland | $5-10


The 20TH ANNUAL ANIMATION SHOW OF SHOWS collects 15 thought-provoking films, the cutting edge of stories that can be told through animation. This year’s 98-minute program features shorts from filmmakers hailing from seven countries and a wide range of philosophies and identities. A fine way to re-orient yourself to the real world after the holidays.  | Nov 23-25 | Fri 2 & 6 pm; Sat-Sun 2 pm | Portland Museum of Art, 7 Congress Sq, Portland | $8


The experience of hearing your own recorded voice, a streak of weird light in a dark and vast universe, is spooky. It gives us that old shock of being to hear our most intimate, unmistakable feature committed to public record, endlessly reproducible for others to trigger with the push of a button. It’s uncanny! And it’s vulnerable. It’s perhaps this feeling of vulnerability that pushes some folks to put the human voice to work, which, while it doesn’t solve the problem of the weirdness, subordinates it to a certain efficiency and smothers it in managerial gumption, which is one tactic. This evening, the New York organization VoiceCoaches teaches you to do just this, hosting a workshop bearing the name “GETTING PAID TO TALK: MAKING MONEY WITH YOUR VOICE” at the venerable recording studio Acadia Recording Company. Learn to modulate pitch, find a rhythm, fill up dead air, and other traits from professionals who do audio books, voiceovers, commercials, cartoons and more. Pre-registration required.  | Nov 26 | Mon 7 pm | Acadia Recording Company, 105 Hanover St, Portland | $40 | http://voicecoaches.com


Plenty of real ones are familiar with Alopecia, the cult classic album Cincinnati hip hop group WHY? released on Anticon in 2008. Still fronted by rapper Yoni Wolf, WHY? roll through the Northeast to contemplate the album, its personal narratives, and its mesmerizing wordplay 10 years later, performing it in its entirety in Portsmouth. With LALA LALA. | Nov 27 | Tue 8 pm | 3S Artspace, 619 Vaughan St, Portland | $18




MINIVAN, a sexed-up electro project/alter-ego by Brooklyn folk artist Ron Shalom, was a highlight of this year’s Waking Windows festival. You can enjoy his body-minded live show in a more intimate pairing tonight, with HI TIGER, the dynamic and tender art-pop/dance alias of Portland artist Derek Jackson (a contributor to this paper). | Nov 28 | Wed 8 pm | The Apohadion Theater, 107 Hanover St, Portland | $8 


The witty, literary lyrical folk of GARNET ROGERS, a longtime songwriter out of Hamilton, Ontario, first ambled onto the scene alongside his older brother Stan Rogers, whose folk songs and traditionals about the working lives of everyday people made him a sort of Canadian Woody Guthrie. Stan died in a plane crash in 1983, and Garnet, blessed with a similar baritone, has uncovered a trove of wisdom in his absence. He plays with the Boston-based folk artist RACHEL KILGOUR. | Nov 28 | Wed 8 pm | One Longfellow Square, 181 State St, Portland | $15 


Richard Reed Parry


As chief promulgators of the “millennial whoop,” indie-rock band the Arcade Fire has been wired into the veins of a generation of American music fans whether they like it or not. Aware of that, Arcade Fire multi-instrumentalist RICHARD REED PARRY has splintered off into his own unit, opting against the pop and electro romps of his primary band (and the buzzing Toronto hardcore-punk scene he grew up in) in favor of serene and complex chamber-folk, which he offers on new album Quiet River of Dust Vol. 1.  | Nov 29 | Thu 8:30 pm | SPACE, 538 Congress St, Portland | $15-18 | www.space538.org 



Film: Recovery Boys


The film RECOVERY BOYS tells the story of four American men gathering strength and resources to rebuild their lives after undergoing recovery for opioid addiction. Directed by Elaine McMillion Sheldon, an Oscar-nominated filmmaker from Virginia, Recovery Boys depicts real-world people deploying realworld methods and practices to help combat this epidemic, rather than coaxing audiences into passive states of empathy. This one-night-only screening features a discussion forum with those working on the issue in Maine. | Nov 29 | Thu 5:30 pm | Portland Museum of Art, 7 Congress Sq, Portland | FREE | www.portlandmuseum.org

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