Pet Fox


At this frankly quite nice show, the Boston trio PET FOX carry that city’s fine and understated post-indie-rock traditions inherited from groups like Karate and Come. A side project from Ovlov drummer Theo Hartlett, the group’s 2018 self-titled album, released this summer, is a grower. They play with Portland contemporaries LEMON PITCH and NICE LIFE, a trio with a Chicagoan indie-rock lilt who uncorked another fine little quaffer of an EP last month.  | Nov 29 | Thu 8 am | The Apohadion Theater, 107 Hanover St, Portland | $5


A scene from In Her Kitchen


In collaboration with the organization IN HER PRESENCE, a group of Portland students have made a short film featuring seven different immigrant women, all Portland residents, sharing and explaining how they cook recipes learned in their native land. We’re talking women like Yolande Matoko Makaba, a professionally trained French pastry chef who emigrated to Portland from the Republic of the Congo in 2016, shows off how she makes crème brûlée and crêpes, the “most requested recipes within the realm of desserts,” she says. Other chefs from Burundi, Iraq, and Angola are also featured in this Maine College of Art film. | Nov 30 | Fri 4:30-7 pm | Maine College of Art, 522 Congress St, Portland | $10 | inherkitchen.org


In observance of World AIDS Day (Saturday), the weekend screening of new film 1985 tells the story of a closeted gay advertising executive in New York City returning to his Texas home to tell his conservative Christian parents that he’s dying. The Frannie Peabody Center produced screening is shot in blackand-white super 16mm film, and is the work of Texas director Yen Tan, who emigrated from Malaysia at the age of 19. | Nov 30-Dec 1 | Fri 2 & 6 pm; Sat 2 pm | Portland Museum of Art, 7 Congress Sq, Portland | $8 | www.portlandmuseum.org


Film: 1985 by Yen Tan


After the screening of 1985 (see above), an event titled ALTERNATE ENDINGS, ACTIVIST RISINGS pivots the lens of Visual AIDS Day to highlight the impact of art in HIV/AIDS activism. In a screening of short videos from six inspiring community organizations and collectives — among them ACT UP NY, Positive Women’s Network, Sero Project, The SPOT, Tacoma Action Collective, and VOCAL NY — the intention here is to amplify the variety of art and organizational strategies at work today, from direct action to grassroots service providers to nation-wide movement building.  | Dec 1 | Sat 6-10 pm | Maine Center for Electronic Music, 511 Congress St, Portland | FREE 


We long maintain that one of the best rooms for dancing is Oxbow’s facility on Washington Ave. It’s not the ideal party scenario (that being dark, multi-roomed complexes of varying theme and lighting treatments), but the vast echoing chambers with walls bedecked with casks and flagons they got here is close. That they also somehow keep it warm in winter is a wondrous effect. Tonight’s “DEEP CUTS” dance and hang, featuring all-vinyl DJs Hi-Duke and No Wolfpack, is a nice choice. | Nov 30 | Fri 7 pm | Oxbow, 49 Washington Ave, Portland | 




We’ve been fans of the haunting, captivating folk music made by LISA/LIZA, the moniker of Portland-based songwriter Liza Victoria, since her marvelous album Ancient Edge in 2012 (seriously, go back and listen to “Grief Wave” and “One Second Please” 60 times in a row and fuck your heart up for the rest of the winter). A frequent praisee in these pages, she’s undoubtedly come a long way since those, her 2016 record Deserts of Youth clasped the attentions of some notable music blogs of national repute. Liza takes a next step Friday with the release of her new album on Orindal Records, a small but esteemed imprint in Illinois. The first with a full band (including members of recently disbanded Ada), Momentary Glance was recording by Efrim from Godspeed You! Black Emperor. The group plays with KAFARI, whose glorious new piano album Beholding was previewed elsewhere in this issue, and BAD HISTORY MONTH from Boston. It’s one of the best nights of local music this winter. | Nov 30 | Fri 8:30 pm | SPACE, 538 Congress St, Portland | $8


An urgent film addressing the opioid crisis, RECOVERY BOYS tells the story of a group of Maine men in recovery who flip the narrative, highlighting that people across Maine are working on the frontlines of this epidemic, saving lives and working toward new and humane solutions. The work of Oscar-nominated director Elaine McMillion Sheldon, Recovery Boys gets an additional screening in Biddeford.  | Dec 1 | Sat 2 pm | Smitty's Cinema, 420 Alfred St, Biddeford | FREE


Get a jump on holiday shopping and the parade of seasonal markets this weekend with Mayo Street Arts’ neighborly HOLIDAY ANTIQUE SALE, which benefits the East Bayside community hub. | Dec 1 | Sat 9 am-noon | Mayo Street Arts, 10 Mayo St, Portland | www.mayostreetarts.org


The world is about to receive more of the digable earthen folk of MAX GARCIA CONOVER, who was tasked to write and record an album over seven days with a then-stranger, the Portland, Oregon-songwriter Haley Heynderickx. The result is Among Horses III, a six-song EP that offers some darker tones than anything we’ve heard from MGC alone. He plays without Heynderickx, but with WESTERN DEN and the MAINE YOUTH ROCK ORCHESTRA to commemorate.  | Dec 1 | Sat 9 pm | Empire, 575 Congress St, Portland | $10 www.portlandempire.com


Hey kid, you wanna see the guy from Archers of Loaf? Oh, okay. Well, uhh, he — meaning ERIC BACHMANN — is playing a secret living room show Sunday night. Google it if you want. | Dec 2 | Sun 8 pm | $25


The savvy among us don’t wait until April to think about fixing their bikes. They do it now, and maybe even fix one up for others as well. If you wanna join an effort to do just that for young people, head to Portland Gear Hub’s 4TH ANNUAL HOLIDAY BIKE BUILD, where you can drink beer and help them build bikes to give away for kids. Tools provided.  | Dec 4 | Tue 5-8 pm | Oxbow Blending & Bottling, 49 Washington Ave, Portland | FREE


The excellent Cajun-inspired restaurant Eaux in the Old Port has nothing at all to do with Seinfeld, which is precisely why it’s a good idea they’re doing an evening of SEINFELD-THEMED DRINKS & DISHES, collaborating with Austin Street Brewery and Belleville.  | Dec 5 | Wed 5-11 pm | Eaux, 90 Exchange St, Portland

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