Film: The Eyeslicer Halloween Special | Oct 5 | Fri 8 pm | The Apohadion Theater | $10



New England. So spooky, amirite?! Other places in the world try real hard, but if you’re not New Orleans, Transylvania or that one corner in Georgetown where The Exorcist took place, just sit down, we got this. The folks behind THE EYESLICER HALLOWEEN SPECIAL — who love their retro camp and groan-inducing special effects just as much as they do their gore and terror — know this, and as such bring their latest chilling episode to the Apohadion Friday night. 12 short horror films spanning about three hours will show at this one-night-only theatrical event. Plots range from an X-rated sexual romp through a Halloween party to a tale of a woman trapped inside of a Red Lobster. There’s even an homage to John Carpenter, featuring a cameo from the master of Halloween himself; if we’re lucky, they might even take inspiration from his super-’80s Casio keyboard soundtracks to really set the scene. Lovers of Halloween terror would be remiss to skip this little slice of scary cheese, but if you do, you can always get the film on limited edition VHS later in October. Wear your padded pants or bring a pillow, sitting on the floor is part of the fun. | Oct 5 | Fri 8 pm | The Apohadion Theater, 107 Hanover St, Portland | $10 | 21+ | theapohadiontheater.com




When you talk to your ‘big city’ friends, do you ever find yourself hearing in their responses that when you talk about Portland they think you basically live in a barren wasteland, away from society and culture, just… I don’t know, shucking peas all day? Good! Don’t tell them about the NEW ENGLAND ART BOOK FAIR then. We don’t want those jerks to move here if they find out what’s really going on in this town. Founded in Portland in 2016, the NEABF (fun to say out loud) is a showcase for independent book, zine and magazine publishers and artists from across the country. More than 30 independent publishers and artists will be on hand with their wares, and after you’ve chosen your soon-to-be-cherished items from the fair, head upstairs for SPACE’s Open Studios — it’s First Friday Art Walk — to check out what the resident artists are working on. It’s an intimate behind the scenes of SPACE’s somewhat elusive community.  | Oct 5 | Fri 5 pm | SPACE Gallery, 538 Congress St, Portland | Free | All Ages | space538.org




KRS-One | Oct 5 | Fri 8 pm at Oxbow Blending & Bottling | $40



Ben Shorr and the crew responsible for the "Hip Hops" series of shows at Oxbow has been crushing it lately, bringing low-key rap legends like Onyx, Das EFX and Smif n Wessun, who they team up with regional and local acts for high energy, packed-to-the-gills shows that unite older hip hop lovers with younger folx checking out their influences’ influences. This Friday, Hip Hops 10 brings us KRS-ONE, the Bronx rapper best known for his heavy influence on gangsta rap with his group Boogie Down Productions, and then later on first-wave conscious rap after his bandmate DJ Scott La Rock was tragically shot and killed. Eighties kids might remember KRS-One turning REM’s “Radio Song” from a monotonous adult-alternative sidebar into an exciting, politically-charged tune with his intense crossover cameo, progressive in its time, and alongside contemporaries like Public Enemy and Grandmaster Flash, instrumental in helping to carve a channel for acts like Run the Jewels or Kendrick Lamar. Still politically active, KRS-One is a master craftsman of live performance. Joining him on the bill are MR. LIF & AKROBATIK, BEN SHORR, BUSYBARS and a host of DJs and rappers to keep the feels up throughout the night.| Oct 5 | Fri 8 pm | Oxbow Blending & Bottling, 49 Washington Ave, Portland | $40 | 21+ | oxbowbeer.com




Fans of aggressive music rejoiced last year when the INTO THE AETHER FESTIVAL debuted at Geno’s Rock Club. The two-day festival hosted extreme, heavy and intense bands from underground scenes along the East Coast for two days of favorites mixed with new discoveries. Underground might be a bad label here, as the genres of doom, extreme metal, grindcore, sludge, black metal and their ilk will never be radio fodder or polite dinner music. These are more like side-tent bands if this were the Coachella of breakthrough, aurally-punishing rock. Organizer Jon Morse of Last Mercy Emissions brings in 13 bands for year two of the festival, a fitting number of acts for a festival like this, and keeps the cover charges affordable so the shows are accessible for those who don’t have big discretionary income. This year, NYC bands KRALLICE, GNAW, ARIADNE, COMPACTOR and OPENING BELL join Maine’s FERAL and RIPFENCE, while smaller innovators like STERILE GARDEN and CHURCHBURN hold down the earlier sets for cult legends like SKULLFLOWER. It’s fun to listen to real loud shit, but don’t be stupid: get good earplugs for this festival, and wear them like a badge of honor. | Oct 5-6 | Fri-Sat 7 pm | Geno’s Rock Club, 625 Congress Street, Portland | $15-30 | 21+ | genosrockclub.com




Horchata. Carne Asada. Tacos. Tamales. Flan. Are you hungry yet? Because we could keep going: rellenitos, pupusas, stewed chicken. How about now? The Latino Community of Sacred Heart Church on Mellen Street seems to intrinsically understand that breaking bread (or tacos) with your neighbor is a great way to build community and understanding, and possibly an enviable muffin top if you’re a food overachiever. Every year their LATINO FOOD FESTIVAL at the church is a hit with local foodies across lots of cultures, as church members pull out all the stops to cook and serve dishes representative of their places of origin, including the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, México, El Salvador and more. The fest goes from noon until the food runs out, and each dish is a la carte — you’ll pay each vendor individually for what you want rather than paying at the door. Music, games and cultural presentations will keep you entertained while you stretch your stomach lining to its ultimate limit. Bring cash, and disfrute un día de comida Latina! | Oct 6 | Sat noon | Sacred Heart Church, 65 Mellen St, Portland | prices vary | All Ages | 207-653-5609 


ray lamontagne.jpg

Ray Lamontagne | Oct 6 | Sat 8 pm | Merrill Auditorium | $59-74



Lewiston’s hometown hero returns! RAY LAMONTAGNE isn’t from Maine (he’s from New Hampshire), but he spent enough time here that Mainers can call him our own… actually, maybe we should think of finding a way to embrace the singer/songwriter that’s a teeny bit less creepy. How about buying up all the tickets to his first show so he has to add a second (also on its way to selling out)? LaMontagne heads to the Merrill Auditorium on Saturday with special guest alt-rock singer/songwriter LIZA ANNE on his Just Passing Through tour. It’s a solo acoustic set from LaMontagne this time around — his Part of the Light album came out in May followed by a supporting tour with Neko Case, but this set of shows is meant to be a more intimate examination of that new material and older hits, all done up in that signature fuzzy muppet gruffness that gives you weird feelings because it reminds you of an animatronic bear from a kids’ pizza joint, but you also danced to “Shelter” at your wedding. We don’t judge. | Oct 6 | Sat 8 pm | Merrill Auditorium, 20 Myrtle St, Portland | All Ages | $59-74 | boxoffice.porttix.com




THE VINTAGE BAZAAR really knows how to do a junk sale. Less of a flea market and more of a weekend festival, these guys put together a quarterly weekend event genetically engineered to take your money, with more than 180 vendors from around the country offering antiques, vintage gear, architectural salvage, and attic and garage junk that someone out there is likely to love. Crafters and artisans offer indie crafts, repurposed and upcycled goods and unique, quirky stuff that’s hard to find elsewhere. If you don’t have the budget or the space to pull a haul in over this two day event, you can head out to the Cumberland Fairgrounds just to browse, strap on the old feed bag from the food trucks and take in a day of live music that includes The Adam Ezra Group, These Wild Plains, GoldenOak, Jason Spooner Band and King Kyote. Campsites are available for the hard core amongst us, or for those coming in from out of state to score something perfect for their foyers or whatever rooms people who can actually afford houses like to decorate in a rustic fashion. | Oct 6-7 | Sat 8:30 am; Sun 10 am | Cumberland Fairgrounds, 197 Blanchard Rd, Cumberland Center | $10 per day | All Ages | mybazaarlife.com




It really seems like lately everyone is just completely blazed out of their gourds all the time. And why shouldn’t they be? (Except when driving/minding small children/performing brain surgery, etc.) Boomers once recoiled in terror at the propaganda of reefer madness are now begrudgingly accepting there are a million ways to ingest the stuff in controlled doses that will take care of anything from depression and anxiety to back pain and headaches. Commercial weed will be a thing here eventually, and the 2018 MAINE CANNABIS CONVENTION is rolling forward with the confidence that within a few years you’ll be able to simply pop into the pot shop to buy a few joints, some gummy bears and sore muscle rub as if you were just stopping by Hannaford for a bag of cheesy poofs and a root beer, which, let’s be honest, should really your next stop. Never get caught without your snack arsenal! About 200 exhibitors will be in attendance this year at the Portland Sports Complex with an array of the latest tech and education on your favorite plant and lots of resources for those of us who want to learn how to grow or get involved in the budding (heh) legal marijuana industry here in Maine. | Oct 6-7 | Sat-Sun 11 am | Portland Sports Complex, 512 Warren Ave, Portland | $20-30 | 21+ | necann.com



CLOZEE | Oct 7 | Sun 8 pm | Port City Music Hall | $20



The last time CLOZEE (Chloe Herry) came through Portland, she was at Empire during the days when that club was doing a lot of drum 'n' bass and electronic dance shows. This time around she tackles Port City Music Hall with her intense looping beats informed by her classically trained guitar chops. Bringing in elements of world music including organic sounds like sitars or djembes, CloZee’s music has a women’s studies professor vibe to it, her sensible Chico’s ensemble all twisted up, patched and frayed through the relentless internet of things and socially conscious hashtaggery of a progressive, global life in 2018. There’s depth, though, to her creations; just because you can dance to them doesn’t mean there isn’t a wordless education in consciousness and expansive roots in her songs. She shares the stage on Saturday night with electronic producer and remix artist IMAGINED HERBAL FLOWS. College kids with late Monday classes take note, this show is 18+. | Oct 7 | Sun 8 pm | Port City Music Hall, 504 Congress St, Portland | $20 | 18+ | portcitymusichall.com




Oh my god. Someone made The Craft, but set in the Maine woods, y’all! That is not meant to be an insult — that movie’s oh-so-satisfying tale of women in ‘90’s florals taking revenge on those who have wronged them still has a certain siren’s call, despite the disappointing girl-on-girl crimes that take place throughout the plot. Shot on location in Brunswick, Portland and Bath, THE WITCH FILES is an indie film about five women who stumble upon a mysterious and ancient evil in the woods. The film has been making its premiere rounds throughout the U.S. and has had success with entry-level film festivals, getting glowing reviews from critics and viewers. The witches of the film, along with the filmmakers, descend — eerily, one would imagine — upon One Longfellow for the film’s Maine premiere on Monday night, with a party at Local 188 hosted by Spencer Albee afterward. Attend, but remember to be nice; you don’t want to find out later that one of the stars of the film has hexed all of your hair to fall out. | Oct 8 | Mon 8 pm | One Longfellow Square, 181 State St, Portland | $10 | All Ages | onelongfellowsquare.com  



Mystery Science Theater 3000 | Oct 9 | Tue 7:30 pm | State Theatre | $39.50-49.50



MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 is 30 years old this year, making it solidly a millennial that probably loves avocado toast and will never own a house. For their anniversary tour, creator Joel Hodgson is back in his red jumpsuit as Joel Robinson, alongside the show’s latest host Jonah Heston (played by Jonah Ray) and the bots. The team will tackle all new movies and bring new material and silly sketches to the live stage — hard tellin’ what most of their new material will be, as this tour actually starts in Portland on Tuesday before making its way across the US. We have no sneak peeks to share quite yet other than the name of the movie: MST3K is doing two shows during this tour, and they’ll be debuting The Brain at the State Theatre, which they describe as a “Canadian science fiction suburban nightmare.” Superfans will have to seek out other dates to check out Deathstalker, the other epic in the crew’s repertoire this time out. Fire up your snark machines, nerds, it’s your time to shine while you’re waiting for the new season to premiere on Netflix. | Oct 9 | Tue 7:30 pm | State Theatre, 609 Congress St, Portland | $39.50-49.50 | All Ages | statetheatreportland.com




If you haven’t noticed that homelessness is an exponentially growing problem here in Maine, you must be living in a very well-insulated bubble. Citizens, local policy-makers, journalists and everyone around the dinner table seems to have a solution, though one might reckon that the larger problem — the failure of late-stage capitalism to provide the widespread prosperity it claims to create due to a politically-engineered consolidation of money into the hands of just a few people — is more complex than most of us can wrap our heads around. What we can all handle, though, is some basic compassion. Head to Liquid Riot for their PINTS AND PILLOWS event, where a ticket gets you a beer and finger foods with proceeds going to Greater Portland Family Promise, a local nonprofit focused on assisting homeless families. Stuff a pillowcase with personal care essentials like toothpaste, soap and socks, and spend a minute considering the practical impact this simple action can have on the life of a not-as-privileged kiddo in your community before you try to tackle dismantling the effects of Reaganomics from the inside. | Oct 10 | Wed 5 pm | Liquid Riot, 250 Commercial St, Portland | $40 | 21+ | greaterportlandfamilypromise.org




NATALIE PHELPS is a performer, writer and artists from Ohio who has received an honorarium for her portrayal of Amelia Earhart in a Chautauqua-style living history program. Chautauqua was an education movement named for its original location at a summer camp in New York State, popular at the turn of the 20th century in rural America. Think of it like a vaudeville show, but with historical, Christian and educational themes rather than crude humor and minstrel shows. Phelps’s entry in this tradition will include her deeply-researched monologue as Amelia, after which she will host two Q&A sessions, one in character and one as herself. The moment Phelps has chosen for her portrayal as Earhart is on a press tour to promote flight and women’s issues; she recounts her transatlantic journey, false press about her, gossip about her association with Lindbergh and her struggle to be taken seriously and prove herself both as a pilot and a woman. The more things change, the more they seem to stay the same, don’t they? | Oct 11 | Thu 7 pm | Mayo Street Arts, 10 Mayo St, Portland | $15 suggested donation | All Ages | mayostreetarts.org


Victoria Karol is a contributing writer for the Portland Phoenix, covering local music and the Dance Card listings. She produces Music Video Portland, Maine's video music awards and writes about feminism and culture on her blog hottrashportland.com.

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