It’s a fairly common ‘How did you meet each other’ story: A dog owner is dutifully walking their furry mate, taking care of business, thinking on the day ahead or what’s for dinner, and an attractive stranger says, “I love your dog’s brindle coat." That sparks a conversation, numbers are exchanged, and before too long, the new couple is taking turns walking that same dog. Or, and this has happened here in Portland, someone makes an attempt to make a dog owner’s acquaintance, but the dog gives subtle or overt cues that the ‘friendly’ person is not to be trusted, and a couple of days later the person’s name is mentioned in a news report in connection with a crime. These things can happen, and everything in between, when a canine gives you their perspective on the world. But what happens most often, of course, is a meet-and-greet between two dog people whose animals like each other too.

For a heaping helping of that warm feeling, sign up now for the Paws for the Pantry Dog Walk for Hunger, to take place starting at Baxter Boulevard and Catafalque Drive and proceeding around the Back Cove Trail, at 10 a.m. on Saturday, October 21. Walkers can pre-register for the dog walk (and be entered to win a $50 gift card) on sponsor Stroudwater Food Pantry’s website at Tickets are $15 per walker or $25 for a family of two or more.

We can’t imagine that you’d be leery of where your hard-earned dollars are going to go. The SFP, in conjunction with Hannaford Supermarkets and The Good Shepherd Food Bank, provide fresh meats and produce to food-impoverished families in the Greater Portland area. Last year, they distributed 26 tons of groceries to those in need. That’s 52,000 pounds of food, over 220,000 meals. But this year, many moms, dads, and kids are still feeling those pangs and that worry. You and your dog can help. We hope you do.


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