With the crisp air and later sunrises of autumn comes a different quality of morning run. Perspiration is certainly less of an annoying issue, as is possible overheating. You may add a few extra blocks to your jog. Colorful foliage becomes an added bonus, with trees on your route growing more orange, red or yellow with each passing day. It’s a great time to be alive, and that clean, cold air is nothing but invigorating. The office even seems more welcoming, after jaunts like these. Runners’ daily exercise, perhaps long ago having been a chore that only stubbornness could help accomplish, is now a sublime pleasure.


Share the joy of fall running with fellow Portlanders and register for the tenth annual Reiche International 5K Road Race, to start at Reiche Elementary School (166 Brackett St) on Sunday, October 29 at 9:30 a.m. Entry fees range from $5 to $30, with race-day registration allowed. Athletes with children ages 8 and under should arrive early for the kids’ Fun Run around the school, which begins at 8:45 a.m.


Not surprisingly, the theme for the 5K is Halloween. Costumes are wholly encouraged, and there is a ‘centipede’ team registration category with its own prize for the winners, so you may see a multiple-runner Chinese dragon or chain gang along the way. The course itself is a great way to experience the niceties of the West End, as it goes through Chadwick, Neal, Pine and Spring Streets, including a single climb—behind the Western Prom Cemetery. Other than that, the course is fast and flat.


But don’t think the point of it all is just to pat ourselves on the back for being active and productive citizens. Proceeds of the event will go to support Reiche, Maine’s most ethnically diverse elementary school, by funding enrichment programs that focus on physical activity and inclusion. So give your Halloween costume a literal test run and get that heart rate elevated.


Web: http://reicheinternational.com/

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