When it gets to be around turkey time, especially when the real early birds are already enjoying man-made snow on the Kingfield slopes, active Mainers’ thoughts get around to sharpening edges, shopping for lift passes, and finding (or placing) shiny new slope-conquering equipment under that pine tree that will soon be in the living room. If the smell of oncoming flakes isn’t already in the air, it is in the anticipatory musings of the winter-sports enthusiast. We feel the tug of gravity and centripetal force helping us carve turns, hear the lonely wind at the mountain’s peak before we plunge into that black-diamond run, in short, we become friends with Old Man Winter all over again.


One man’s name has achieved nearly as legendary a status in the world of skiing and boarding, and that man is Warren Miller. Way back in 1946, the cinematographer-to-be bought his first 8mm movie camera once safely home from the campaigns of World War II, and used it to film himself and a pal skiing and surfing. He would show the reels at off-season parties, cracking jokes and adding bits of narration for the entertainment of an ever-growing circle of friends. In time, he began to receive invitations to show his films in small venues, with compensation. In 1950, Miller produced his first full-length ski film, Deep and Light. The productions continued with regularity and increasing scope and quality, until Warren Miller Entertainment winter-sports features became nearly synonymous with the start of the ski season each year.


The latest, Line of Descent, will be shown two times at the State Theatre (142 High St) on Saturday, November 18: an early show at 5 p.m. and again at 8:30 p.m. Tickets prices are steep at $20 per, but the investment in an invitation into the snow-sports family is a good one.


Look for Maine’s own Seth Wescott, as well as Moe, Moseley, and many other pros. Exotic locations and breathtaking maneuvers will be the order of the day. Well, maybe your online purchase of those new goggles will be the order of the day. Either way, you ought to remember where your waxing iron is by now.


Event site: https://www.statetheatreportland.com/event/1552709-warren-millers-line-descent-portland/


Warren Miller Entertainment: http://www.skinet.com/warrenmiller/

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