There is a Deering High School graduate who currently works as a corrections officer at the Long Creek Youth Center named Russell Lamour, Jr. As honorable as you may find his chosen profession, that is not all there is to tell about Lamour, a.k.a. The Haitian Sensation. He is also a professional boxer with a record of fifteen wins and only two losses in his International Boxing Association career. His last loss was to Thomas Falawo, who took the IBA North American Middleweight belt from Lamour in that bout, but has since retired, leaving the title vacant. Lamour, who will be competing to reclaim the title in the Portland Boxing Club’s 104th event at the Portland Expo on Saturday, November 11 at 7:30 p.m., has won three bouts since losing the belt to Falawo, and Lamour is in prime condition to put up a sharp, tight fight against John Thompson of Newark, New Jersey in the title bout on Saturday night.


If that’s not enough ‘hometown hero’ for you, get this: Competing on the same night will be Jason “The Fighting Fireman” Quirk, who works as a Portland firefighter and paramedic when he’s not in the ring, and has a spotless 7-0 record with five knockouts. Let’s see if he can put out the fire in his challenger’s eyes.


These Portland Boxing Club events are raw and exciting. They start with an amateur bout to whet the crowd’s appetite, and as the matches move up into the professional, lower-weight classes and then into the headline fights, there is a palpable energy in the air, like the electric feeling that builds up gradually before a dramatic lightning storm. We recommend putting the blinders on your feminist and pacifist sensibilities (there are bikini-clad ring girls who carry signs between rounds, and of course violence is inherent in the sport of boxing), just for the night, to experience the physical courage and refined toughness of these fighters. It’s not the same as watching Pacquaio on TV. Deconstruct the brutality, if you must, but go.


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