Letting "Let It Go" Go

Even the cultured and evolved among us are not above blaming others for our problems. And justification may be easily come by. If your newly repaired fuel pump gives out during the first week out of the garage, you may curse the mechanics for not doing a better job. If your mother says she’s staying home for Christmas this year instead of coming out for her usual visit, you may remember the tiff she got into with your spouse last year and carry resentment against them both until that space in your brain finds something else to worry about. Bearing a grudge usually doesn’t last too long unless you really work at keeping it alive, which of course is unhealthy and not recommended.

But some grudges rekindle themselves through no fault of your own. Parents, be warned. You may be about to attend a happy event, masking the rage you feel all the while. Remember a couple of years ago, when the Disney animated movie Frozen came out? Remember how the song “Let It Go,” the earworm-to-end-all-earworms, began to play itself in your auditory cortex on auto-repeat until you wanted to move to a forgotten village deep in the Amazon rainforest where maybe — please, God — they hadn’t heard of that movie?

We regret to inform you that your fantasies about husband-and-wife songwriting team Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez getting their comeuppance might have to be dusted off: the Disney On Ice version of Frozen is coming to the Cross Insurance Arena (1 Civic Center Sq), with seven performances scheduled between December 21 and 24. Tickets are for reserved seating, on sale for prices ranging from $17 to $107. Earplugs to combat the singing kids in the back seat on the way home are bring-your-own.

In all seriousness, we love the Frozen story. A true fairy tale, it demonstrates that just when all seems bleak and hopeless, true love will show the way to a happy ending. It really does conquer all.

So maybe you could learn to love “Let It Go”? Hey, desperate times, right?

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