Time to Get Moving


An object at rest will tend to remain at rest, and an object in motion will tend to remain in motion. The law of inertia. It’s physics, but also an apt metaphor for physical fitness. As in, “Hey, we’ve been talking about getting exercise. Wanna go for a walk?” “Nah. Too much inertia.” And it’s easy to tell ourselves that acknowledging our lack of motivation absolves us of the obligation we feel to get out there. But something nags at us. It’s our bodies, saying, “Please, please!” And so, to be sure we don’t attempt something like Tuff Mudder our first time out, that means it’s time for some low-impact athletics.


Freeport Trails not only has that, but also offers incentives to get you and your family doing that little bit of hiking, with the Freeport Trail Challenge. This program is ongoing through the end of October. Here’s the idea: Get a ‘passport’ at either the Freeport Town Hall (30 Main St) or the Community Center (53 Depot St). Then, and this is where the overcoming your inertia comes in, get walking on four trails in Freeport (Field Estuary, Leon Gorman Park, Stonewood Trail to Sayles Woods, and Tidebrook). Record your hikes in your passport or on Facebook or Instragram, and once you’ve done all four trails, kids get a prize and adults are entered in a drawing for more substantial prizes. Sort of like saying to yourself, “Okay, if I jog a mile, I can pick up some Chunky Monkey on the way back.” But you’ll also be part of the community effort.


We’re not saying that anyone will necessarily be clambering over twenty-foot walls by this time next year. But that nagging “I should move my body” feeling (and bless readers to whom that's a distant memory) might be replaced for a while by a few endorphins.


Early season leaf-peeping on foot, anyone?




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