Brie Larson ends engagement? Content Exchange

Brie Larson has reportedly ended her engagement to Alex Greenwald.

The 29-year-old actress got engaged to the musician in May 2016 following several years of dating, but it seems their romance has been put on hold, as sources claim they've "taken a step back" from their engagement for the time being.

An insider told People magazine: "They have taken a step back from their engagement for the time being but they remain close."

The couple have kept their relationship out of the spotlight, but the 'Captain Marvel' actress did describe him as her "person" whilst at the Screen Actors Guild awards in 2016.

She said at the time: "He's the other half of the equation - how can you explain support? I mean, it goes beyond anything. He's just my person, he's my best friend."

And then that same year, when Brie was awarded the Academy Award for Best Actress at the Oscars for her performance in 2015 thriller 'Room', she included Alex in her acceptance speech.

She said: "Jacob Tremblay, my partner through this in every way possible. My real partner, Alex Greenwald, I love you."

Meanwhile, fans are unlikely to hear confirmation of the split from Brie, as she recently described herself as a "diligent secret-keeper", thanks to her work on 'Avengers: Endgame', in which she had to mentally "delete" the plot line of the movie to avoid spoiling it for the fans.

She said: "I just never wanted to feel like I was going to slip up or that I was going to say the wrong thing. I was like, 'I can't live with myself being the one that spoils something.' So I really just deleted it. I tried my best to journal it if I want to recall it and go, 'Oh yeah, that was a crazy time.' And I'm excited when the movie comes out to finally be able to talk about it and go, 'Yes, this was crazy.' But my family doesn't know. I haven't talked to anybody about anything because I'm just a very diligent secret-keeper."

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