We previewed the bands playing this weekend’s Waking Windows Festival of music, literary readings, comedy, and art.

The annual festival is in its third year, and deserves the hype. This year's throwdown has some terrific non-musical satellite events — like the Page Burner reading series, film screenings, record fairs, comedy shows, and more — we spent hours listening to the dozens of musical acts playing the fest and found plenty to say. 

Tickets are $20 for Friday and $30 for Saturday, or $30 for the two-day festival. Read more info at www.wakingwindowsportland.com


A core artist in the Biddeford-based Soulfolks Records family, Achene plays haunting electronic-acoustic compositions with an ethereal smokiness that commands silent reverence from her audience. Think as if Sade made a record set to imaginary beats and you’re getting there. | Sat, Sep 22 | Local Sprouts, 649 Congress St | 4:45 pm

AishaBurns_PhotoByStephanieLarsen:Courtesy of the artist.jpg

Aisha Burns [Photo by Stephanie Lars]

Aisha Burns

Anyone out there grappling with the loss of a loved one should see the Aisha Burns set for some musical healing. On her new album Argonauta, this violinist and singer/songwriter from San Antonio reckons with the loss of her mother and explores the ways humans return to normalcy after a devastating loss. Her beautiful voice haunts while lonesome guitars and distant chimes twist the soundscape from bleak to hopeful. Might need a tissue for this one. | Sat, Sep 22 | Local Sprouts | 9:25 pm

Apis Malfiore

If you’re in the right headspace, it’s wholly pleasurable to get swallowed up by the environmentally-based dark ambient compositions of Sam Seda, a drone artist from Portland via New York who plays under the moniker Apis Malfiore. Recommended for fans of GY!BE, Steve Roach, Justin Broadrick’s Final project, or Eno’s On Land jawn. | Fri, Sep 21 | The Apohadion Theater | 6 pm

Jacob Augustine

He’s big, bearded, and burly, but don’t let appearances fool you, Jacob Augustine has the voice that would make the Greek Muses jealous. Soft and tender but gruffy when it needs to be, Augustine’s vocals aren’t just soothing on a technical level, they also offer poignant reflections about life, mortality, and the illusion of freedom. Hailing from some woodsy outpost in Northern Maine, with seven releases under his belt and hundreds of miles of road behind him, this folk musician will make Portland think. He’s probably too humble to call himself a philosopher, but he really sort of is one. | Sat, Sep 22 | Blue | 11:35 pm



Bad History Month

Frontin’ as your run-of-the-mill freak-folk rando, Boston’s Sean Bean, aka Bad History Month, betrays the limits of the singer-songwriter form with ditties that hit on a straight-up spiritual level — no fluff! At it awhile, he’s changed his name a bunch to keep folks from catching on | Sat, Sep 22 | Blue | 10:45 pm

Bare Portland

This ragtag troupe of theatermakers are smart as fuck, constantly shedding the dead skins of the form in favor of new ideas. We’re talkin’ body-driven dérives, immersive playspaces, psychogeographic vibes, and aleatory events. We’ve seen Bare tease out sneaky contemporary themes from ancient texts and collapse a ton of boundaries in their shows. Don’t know what they’re up to here, but part of a good wave of Portland theater. | Sat, Sep 22 | SPACE | 8:05 pm

Clay Camero & the County Line Bandits

We’ve watched Clare Hubbard evolve from a plantive woodsy folk singer who wrote cold-edged piano ballads to a witchy darkwave songstress playing Psychic TV-style industrial techno to her present incarnation as Clay Camero, a gone-rogue Maineah whipping up scorching-hot outlaw psych-country jams with a klatch of big-hearted ruffians at her heels. If this damn country had any sense, we’d turn the border over to her entirely. | Sat, Sep 22 | Congress Square Park | 7:15 pm

OraCogan_PhotobyKristina Pedersen.jpg

Ora Cogan [Photo by Kristina Pedersen]

Ora Cogan

This Montreal-based experimental folk songstress Ora Cogan has seven records to her name and almost a decade of touring experience. Lacing together her otherworldly drawl against a beautifully chaotic, guitar- and synthdriven soundscape, Cogan has created something special with latest album Crickets. Tracks like “Seapeople” and “Moonbeam” start slow and sparse but gradually dizzy and hypnotize, with only Cogan’s soft coos keeping listeners grounded. It’s adventurous, complex music that’s easy to get lost in; Blue will be a great place to hear it. | Sat, Sep 22 | Blue | 8 pm


A dank Portland electronica act soaring on Mirabai Iwanko’s incredble pipes, Contrapposto is recently renewed with the help of multiinstrumentalist wizard Zak Taillon. Hard to name folks better at doing what they do than these two, and we expect big things this go. Think Gang Gang Dance, Cocteau Twins, Zola Jesus, etc. | Sat, Sep 22 | Blue | 7:05 pm


Crunch Coat


Portland’s Crunchcoat are a trio of musicians cranking out solid pop-punk tunes that pair well with jumping around drunkenly or day-dreaming about California — or both! Their most recent EP, Obsolete, can get a little derivative, but it’s fun nonetheless. Expect a set that’s short, sweet and bursting with life thanks to some shredding on the electric guitar and lead vocalist Danny, who knows her shit.| Fri, Sep 21 | Bayside Bowl | 7:35 pm

Sierra D'Amours

Extracted from the Southern New Hampshire area, local artist Sierra D’Amours plays sweet, snarky folk (or is it anti-folk) tunes. | Sat, Sep 22 | Tandem | 4:45 pm  

Dead Gowns

You might have last caught Dead Gowns performing alongside Spencer Albee during a live taping of an episode of the new local TV series The Elephant In The Room. Portland based, and fresh off the release of a new EP called new spine, this indie-folk-rock quartet is subtle and good. Have an ear out for our favorite track, “Kansas” — Genevieve Beaudoin’s vocals shine the most here, and the melancholic guitar work pleasantly builds up across the five-minute runtime. | Sat, Sep 22 | Tandem Coffee + Bakery |742 Congress St. | 5:30 pm

Disco Phantom

Self described as the busiest man in Burlington’s music scene, Brian Nagle, aka Disco Phantom, may not be humble, but he knows how to throw a party. He’ll be throwing the last party of the night and keeping the festival alive into the wee hours with an onslaught of beats from way too many genres and decades. Who knows what he’ll play? Dude’s all over the place. | Sat, Sep 22 | The Jewel Box | midnight


Eastern Mountain Time

Eastern Mountain Time

Crawl inside singer/songwriter Sean Hood’s head and you’ll feel right at home. He’s the driving force behind Eastern Mountain Time, a band from Burlington, Vermont (home of the original Waking Windows) known for their mountain-country tunes. Pay attention to the poetic lyrics and you’ll tap into common truths about not just what it’s like to live in the mountains of the Northeast, but being a human in general. For many, Eastern Mountain Time evokes feelings that are nostalgic, familiar, and relatable. | Sat, Sep 22 | Tandem Coffee + Bakery | 4 pm

Eastern Puma

The electro-acoustic project of William Jiordan, Eastern Puma makes dreamscapes that will help cure your end-of-summer blues. A good grief-miner, safest in song, this artist describes his music as celebrations of “modern people through intersectional and mythopoetic storylines, like an old fairytale conflating subjects into larger than life phenomena.” | Sat, Sep 22 | Blue | 4:30 pm


A Mainer now living in Providence, E D T (aka Emily Dix Thomas) plays a powerful cello in service of righteous, heart-baring tunes. EDT masquerades as part of Morgan Eve Swain’s post-Brown Bird project Huntress & the Holder of Hands, Nova One, and Feminist Conference (and formerly the Portland doom band Correspondences), but the solo jams do the trick here. | Fri, Sep 21 | The Apohadion Theater | 7:20 pm


Father Murphy

Father Murphy

Is that a wow we hear echoing through the valley? From Italy, the trio Father Murphy bill themselves as “the sound of Catholic guilt.” We’ll leave that alone for the most part, but as anyone who’s witnessed the pounding, pulsing, rhythmically destablizing live show of this doom-liturgical project steered by Freddie Murphy and Chiara Lee can attest, redemption can be had. | Sat, Sep 22 | Geno’s | 10:10 pm

Tim Fite

Esquire called Tim Fite one of rock ‘n’ roll’s “most subversive renaissance men.” Brooklyn-based, this artist’s emotionally complex catalog of albums lyrically tackles a host of heavy topics, from poverty and injustice, to systemic racism and corporate greed. His music, un-restrained and sometimes scream-ridden, takes listeners from heaven to hell and almost everywhere in between. | Fri, Sep 21 | The Apohadion Theater | 11 pm


Tim Fite


Billing himself as one of Portland’s best-kept secrets is FYVR, a producer quietly (yet relentlessly) pumping out luscious lo-fi hip hop beats. This year, FYVR released two colorful albums called Forget and 5554ever, both of which are capable of inducing synesthesia (maybe we were just too stoned on our first listen). These beat tapes contain comforting loops, mysterious vocal samples, and fuzzy textures that belong in every day dreamers’ ears. | Sat, Sep 22 | SPACE | 4:30-10 pm

Golden Rules the Thumb

A new wave of indie-psych glory from stalwart Portland musicians formerly in Foam Castles, Endless Jags, the Rattlesnakes, and more, Golden Rules the Thumb bring the off-kilter, eerily memorable pop hooks of Tyler Jackson his brightest, fullest frame yet. | Fri, Sep 21 | Bayside Bowl | 10:15 pm

Greasy Grass

This local trio play a lo-fi kind of dream-pop that sounds lifted straight out of your lover’s attic. Their hypnotic tunes always feel a half-step away from lapsing into dreamy ambient psychedelia, but Greasy Grass somehow manage to fatten their music with enough surprises to keep it from ever happening. | Sat, Sep 22 | Local Sprouts | 7:45 pm


Guy Capacelatro III

Guy Capacelatro & Jordan Holtz

Guy Capecelatro, a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and traveler, has many stories to tell. The Portsmouth-based artist describes the music he’s made in the past two decades as “little story vehicles, like a paper boat. Sliding into the ocean. On fire.” His latest album, Hope is the Thing With Feathers, is his most personal project yet, written while his wife Pam was dying from an incurable form of cancer. It’s a harrowing album, one that balances between the chasm of terror and eternal love, but listeners have come to appreciate how Capecelatro tells this tragic story with boldness and honesty. Jordan Holtz, a bassist from Rick Rude, will lend her talents for this set. | Sat, Sep 22 | Local Sprouts | 7 pm


This new collaborative effort from Sierra D’Amours and Nate Provonost has us on our toes and saying meow. | Fri, Sep 21 | The Apohadion Theater | 6:40 pm


Helen Money

Helen Money

We are here for extreme cello music! A classic cellist with a metal edge, Helen Money is a badass. She’s played on over 150 albums and has worked with artists like Disturbed, Anthrax, Broken Social Scene, and Russian Circles. Can Portland handle this world-weary musician’s beautiful distortions and unbridled ferocity? Likely. | Sat, Sep 22 | Geno’s Rock Club | 6:50 pm


Like a gorgon exhumed, Portland’s Hessian have lived a thousand lives before, risen again and again to perform a distinct wave of BH M - inspired fantasy metal that nowadays rarely lives outside of lore | Sat, Sep 22 | Geno’s Rock Club | 11:45 pm

Miho Hatori

Japanese singer and producer Miho Hatori follows a guiding principle in her work she calls New Optimism. It’s highly experimental, borderless, genreless, and kind of mind-blowing. Pitchfork called it a “sonic food fight of hip-hop, jazz, funk, lounge, and soul.” You’d be a fool to miss her technicolored and fantastical take on pop-electronica. | Sat, Sep 22 | SPACE | 9:20 pm

Mark Hosler

That’s right, the Mark Hosler of the famed art-punk prank band Negativland, who owned U2 so hard in the early ‘90s that Bono had to whine to his corporate overlords to get them to cut it out. As much a musician as an audio commentator on pop music, expect Hosler to take us on a thought-provoking carousel of found material, archival sound, and art-rendered-noise. What a get! | Fri, Sep 21 | The Apohadion Theater | 8:15 pm

id m theft able & Kristen Stake

Few people play with sound better or in a more engaging way than id m theft able, the collage artist and improviser whose style of noise-performance should not be confused with the harsher artists among his ilk. We defy you to not be wowed by his performance with improvisational movement artist Kristen Stake (of the Living Room dance collective). Separate and together, the two are propping up a vital pillar of weirdness this city doesn’t even know it’s leaning on. | Sat, Sep 22 | Congress Square Park | 5:45 pm


Ivy Sole

Ivy Sole

A rare hybrid of sultry and soulful, Philly rapper Ivy Sole‘s latest album Overgrown is a personal exploration of the myriad, sometimes inaccessible forms love can take — including loving yourself. This soothing, meditative, and arresting hip hop album is about celebrating who you are and putting your full self on display. We love its liberating message and her ability to weave between snappy rap verses to honeyed melodies on almost every track. | Sat, Sep 22 | SPACE | 10:40 pm

Greg Jamie

The frontman of alt-country band O’Death has been transformed into a wondrous songwriter the last few years, and his softly howling folk tunes — as exhibited on his 2018 banger Crazy Time — are deeply rewarding. | Sat, Sep 22 | Local Sprouts, 649 Congress St | 4 pm

Jaw Gems

One of the state’s most widely consumed musical exports, Jaw Gems have come a long way since their beginnings as a simple Tuesday night house band called Treeyo. A nationally touring neo-soul eletronica-jazz group, anchored by J Dilla-inspired boom-bap rhythms, some faint indie-rock aesthetics, and otherwordly keys. They’ll keep embiggening, best see ‘em now. | Sat, Sep 22 | Empire | 12:10 am

Just Plain Jones

Just Plain Jones isn’t exactly party music, but we guarantee you’ll feel good hearing Patrick Jones conduct his silk-smooth, ethereal R&B, rich with dub and ambient vibes and a compelling vocal presence. A true sleeper at this festival, things break right and Jones could be major player in this city right quick. | Sat, Sep 22 | SPACE | 6:30 pm


Julia Caesar

Julia Caesar

Vermont’s Julia Caesar is here to challenge the assumption that indie rock is made primarily for and by men. Her debut EP Heavy Flow (which yes, refers to menstrual cycles — get over it) is a tool to resist, reshape, and reimagine the genre while also helping to clear the way for new femme voices to emerge. If there’s a feminist revolution happening in indie-rock, Julia Caesar is part of it. Her music jumps from psychedelic, grunge, country and shoegaze, and reminds us that we don’t need to venerate mediocre dude-bros anymore. | Sat, Sep 22 | Blue | 5:20 pm


New Hampshire’s KYOTY return to Geno’s for an emotionally exhausting hour of doom and sludge metal. But their sounds might not be what you expect. Their slow, methodical downtempo ease listeners into an atmospheric assault of slamming guitars and distorted, droning synthesizers. It’s a journey that’s at times calming and others terrifying, drawing out a strange concoction of feelings we think you should experience. | Sat, Sep 22 | Geno’s Rock Club | 11 pm

Lunch Cult

Portland’s trio of garage/punk rock weirdos Lunch Cult debut a new album, aptly titled Let’s Hear It For...Lunch Cult, the product of many years of “long distance phone calls and nights spent crying in each other’s arms,” which has us curious if it will be as catchy and whimsical as some of their previous tunes. What have the dudes cooked up this time? | Sat, Sep 22 | Congress Square Park | 6:20 pm

Maine Marimba Ensemble

You’ve probably heard these guys rattle their unique wooden instruments before. The Maine Marimba Ensemble and their polyrhythmic arrangements have been a Portland fixture for years, boasting a level of experience with and reverence for the African marimba. These six guys mold their version of Zimbabwean-influenced music from the traditional stylings that emerged from the Kwanongoma College of African Music in the 1960s. | Sat, Sep 22 | Congress Square Park | 5 pm


M.A.K.U. Soundsystem

M.A.K.U. Soundsystem

New York’s eight-piece “immigrant beat” band M.A.K.U. Soundsystem will infuse this year’s fest with some infectious Latin energy. Try not to swing your hips to the tantalizing rhythms and afro-beats from their latest joint, 5 Fuegos. Seriously, try it. It’s impossible. By mixing traditional Colombian folk percussion with modern synthesizers, explosive guitars, and some sexy Spanish lyrics, this world music powerhouse demands attention. | Fri, Sep 21 | The Apohadion Theater | midnight


The solo work of cellist Jerusha Robinson (South China, Brown Bird, etc.), Mehetable plays achingly gorgeous stringfolk compositions. Catch her also in Woodpainting. | Sat, Sep 22 | Blue | 6:10 pm

Million Dollar Lounge

Indie-rockers with some bubble-gum pop vibes, Portland’s Million Dollar Lounge would say they make music for ballers. They take the term “slacker rock” to new levels, recording their last EP Pinwheel in a bedroom, playing video games in between recording sessions. Taking influence from psychedelic/surf rock, indie rock, bossa nova, and hip-hop, the album offers smooth, fun lo-fi sounds that play like a warm knife through butter. | Fri, Sep 21 | Bayside Bowl | 6:45 pm


On “Who Am I” from his new album CreepySexyCool, Minivan (aka Brooklyn producer Ron Shalom, see below) croons playfully: “Tell me who am I to you? Am I your booty call? Am I your sex friend? Do you think that I might be cool? Before I press send, I think that I should think twice.” Backed by a electro-pop beat, Shalom continues in auto-tune: “The last time you came over, things got kind of weird. You decided to linger. And you ran your fingers through my beard. And then you kissed me. Which we’ve never done. But I couldn’t feel my mouth. Because of the lidocaine you put inside your bum.” This song has no business being as catchy as it is, but the absurdity, fun rhymes, and smart minimal beat combines for a song that, much like Shalom’s sexual encounter, lingers inside your head.  | Sat, Sep 22 | SPACE | 10:10 pm

Miss Eaves

The lurid electro-pop-rap of Brooklyn’s Miss Eaves is your ticket to the best rhymes about “thunder thighs” (“boom clack, they slap when I stride”). With tracks like “Hi H8ter,” “Fuccboi Salute,” and “Ms. Emoji,” Miss Eaves is exactly the kind of loud, raunchy, sex-positive feminism we need more of in Maine. This might be the festival’s biggest party.  | Sat, Sep 22 | SPACE | 8:20 pm

Monday of the Minds

Join the evolving collective of civics-engaged rappers and hiphop artists that converge weekly at Flask Lounge in their engaging, battle-tested live show.  | Sat, Sep 22 | Empire | 9:30 pm


A voracious omnivore of musical genres, the Portland DJ and producer Mosart212 is one of the most respected musicians in town. Fresh off the release of his 212pill EP, Mo’s beats will get things going properly for Saturday night’s SPACE show. | Sat, Sep 22 | SPACE | 5:45 pm


When you see Motherhood, a rock trio from New Brunswick, pretend like you’re seeing Nirvana as if they were active today. Flipping between straight-up genius and a well-honed dumbness, there’s a strong chance these alt-universe avant-rock weirdos incite off the same surge you felt when you first heard a plugged-in guitar. | Sat, Sep 22 | Geno’s | 8:30 pm

Mount Sharp

This veteran Brooklyn rock trio is notable for their fun, vibrant, hook-laden indie anthems, but they carry deeper significance for the presence of ex-Portlander Bryan Bruchman, who managed the music scene website Hillytown back in the day. | Sat, Sep 22 | Geno’s Rock Club | 7:40 pm

(New England) Patriots

Colby Nathan’s hyper-performative (New England) Patriots project sounds like the rock music you listened to in the ‘90s several times abstracted through an advanced course in deconstructionism and spat out again on FM radio. Scuzzy, nether-region rock music experiments that shouldn’t work, yet do.  | Sat, Sep 22 | Geno’s | 9:20 pm

Cedric Noel

The mesmerizing project of slow-core, bedroom-pop and folk songs from one-man band Cedric Noel refracts the Montreal-based artist’s singular vision into bite-sized, brutally honest captures of moments in a life. | Sat, Sep 22 | Local Sprouts | 8:35 pm

Nova One

The art-folk project of Roz Raskin and friends, Nova One patrols the precincts of ‘60s love ballads and garage-pop anthems for their soft sentimental streaks and arresting emotional magic. Vocals front and forward, Nova One veers between irresistible jangle-pop and heart-aching campfire folk. Imagine Tegan and Sara, the Crystals, and Patsy Cline fused as one singular atom. | Fri, Sep 21 | Bayside Bowl | 9:20 pm

The Onlies

Burlington’s The Onlys dabble in shoegaze, dreamy pop, and psychedelic rock — in a way that might make you feel a little angsty inside.  | Sat, Sep 22 | Tandem Coffee + Bakery | 6:20 pm

Paper Castles

Burlington indie-rock band Paper Castles has seen its members come and go and its sound evolve drastically since their first EP release in 2009. You could say they’re more serious now — sharper, more refined. Paper Castles has been kept alive by singer and frontman Paddy Reagan, who’s set to debut a new and hot-punned album at Waking Windows called Acceptionalism, an exploration of themes like insecurity, self-acceptance, awkwardness and the loss of innocence.  | Fri, Sep 21 | The Apohadion Theater | 9:05 pm

Record High

Maine darling Josh Loring’s art-pop act Brenda was a Portland act perpetually about to break through during the early half of this decade (ditto Cult Maze through the latter half of last). Now he’s in New York fronting the trio Record High, where his smart and sinewy riffs and the bouncy, coiling rhythms they invite have found a broader audience. Don’t miss this homecomer. | Sat, Sep 22 | Empire | 11:15 pm

Rick Rude

High-energy, femme-fronted, and full of interesting ideas, the Rick Rude ensemble returns to Portland before playing a slew of gigs down the east coast. According to them, Rick Rude thrashes with a “charismatic enthusiasm matched only by its lethargic demeanor, speaking fluently in the cryptic languages of dreams, love, and ennui.” | Fri, Sep 21 | Bayside Bowl | 8:25 pm

RonShalom .jpg

Ron Shalom

Ron Shalom

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Ron Shalom makes a type of quirky, erudite chamber folk (often with friends) that hovers on the outer limits of jazz, improvisation, and like, chant music? Dare we say yes. Check his explosive alter-ego Minivan later in the night. | Sat, Sep 22 | Local Sprouts | 6:15 pm

Ryan Power

NNA Tapes darling Ryan Power’s gotten so adept at his stiltedly constructed art-pop that he almost sounds like a normal musician now and again — and maybe he is? Things get plenty weird on his latest album, They Sell Doomsday, unless it’s totally normal neocrooner music just a hair away from James Blake. We haven’t been able to tell for years, but we’re amused as hell trying. | Sat, Sep 22 | SPACE | 7 pm




Originally from West Africa, the 7-piece polyrhythmic jazz-funk-blues band Sabouyouman has become a staple of the Vermont music scene. Ousmane Camara leads the ensemble and continues the tradition of passing down West African stories and sounds through intricate musical compositions. Camara’s vocals and the bouncy, bright melodies he plays on the balafon, a traditional wooden instrument like a xylophone, stand out. These veteran musicians just ooze with good vibes. | Sat, Sep 22 | Congress Square Park | 8:15 pm

Sarah Violette & Renee Coolbrith

The duo of fierce rap artist Sarah Violette and multi-faceted Renee Coolbrith is one of the better natural pairings in Portland’s scene over the last few years. On the heels of Violette’s EPs UltraViolette and AnxiousLove (on which Coolbrith is all over), these ballers are still gaining steam. | Sat, Sep 22 | Empire | 10:15

Small Sur

One of the great and most apt band names going today, the alt-folk grandeur of Baltimore trio Small Sur conjures the out-there vistavibes of their West Coast namesake. Peaceful, wistful, yearning, and with exposed toes. | Sat, Sep 22 | Tandem | 8 pm


Being poleaxed by the space-metal-electronic fantasy music of Superorder is one of the most wowzers experiences available to Maine music fans. Take the spooky space ambience of Goblin, the post-ironic power-metal riffgasms of the Fucking Champs, the shoegaze transcendentalism of My Bloody Valentine, and you’ll approach what multi-instrumentalist Zak Taillon and drummer extraordinaire Max Heinz make. Quite a show. | Sat, Sep 22 | Geno’s Rock Club | 6 pm


TEEN [Photo by Hannah Whitaker]


The Lieberson sisters have kept their band Teen together since 2010, mashing together disparate genres like electronic, pop, R&B, and rock while gorgeously synchronizing their voices. We like how much this group doesn’t sound like your radio-ready “girl group” burdened by cliche lyrics and pop conventions. Instead, Teen goes deeper. To quote a press release from their latest album, Love Yes, Teen “explores the disharmony and empowerment that both sexuality and spirituality can create Wildflower within the modern woman’s psyche.” Layering the sisters’ raw organic harmonies with futuristic-sounding keys and other blips and bloops, this record sounds magical and gives you plenty of ideas to ponder. | Sat, Sep 22 | SPACE | 11:45 pm

Thanya Iyer

A keyboardist and singer, Iyer leads four others in the Montreal based folk, jazz, electronic fusion band which just put out a shimmering little cassette called Do You Dream? On that EP, these sonic mages create a swirling atmosphere that’s celestial, inviting, delirious, intricate, and full of mysteries. One reviewer called it “the soundtrack to our subconscious.”  | Fri, Sep 21 | The Apohadion Theater | 10 pm


Thanya Iyer


Hailing from Yarmouth, the Thunderboys are softer and more subtle than their name suggests. Deploying vocals that are deep and somber with an acoustic guitar and some electronic elements, the Thundernoise EP is sounds less like a storm and more like slow, deliberate trickle of warm water. This isn’t thrash-around music, it’s sway-in-place music. | Sat, Sep 22 | SPACE | 5 pm

Turquoise Crown

The enigmatic beatmaker-producer Turquoise Crown makes warmly oneiric, lightly trippy music that hovers in a hazy space between hip hop and jazz, blurring samples with oddly familiar tones and vibes. Handling the interstitial zones between artists at Saturday’s SPACE series, he’ll make the whole thing feel appropriately dreamy. | Sat, Sep 22 | SPACE | 4 pm-midnight


Very little like a pure squalorous drone to get the organs back into place. Portland’s prolific noise outlet Ursidae may be one of the harsher acts of this year’s festival, but we’re here for it. Noise is the last frontier of inhabitable sound, and these luxurious synth washes and drone pools gives us a spot to bathe in it. | Sat, Sep 22 | Local Sprouts | 5:30 pm


If this is punk, why does it feel so good? New entrants to the genre of cathartic, weirdly uplifting power-pop, Boston’s Vundabar put out one of the year’s sneaky highlight albums. They’re not in fantasy-land — a lot of the songs on Smell Smoke are about capitalism and things that make the world suck — but the group play their songs with a ton of infectious fun and energy, reminding us of groups like California X, Eat Skull, and Times New Viking. | Fri, Sep 22 | Bayside Bowl | 11:15 pm




It’s difficult to create contemplative soft rock that sounds dreamy yet also grounded in reality, but Portland’s Wildflower nails it. Sunsets, crushed beers cans, colorful meadows, butterflies, first kisses, empty roadways, puffs of smoke, seagulls, forest trails — these are the kinds of organic images that Wildflower conjures in listeners’ heads with their dreamy rhythms and feathery vocals. | Sat, Sep 22 | Tandem Coffee + Bakery | 7:10 pm


Self-identified as an “infectious bubblegumpop melodrama, a lyrical folk opera, a pan-idiomatic chamber piece, an anachronistic daytime soap, and a rock epic,” the rotating cast of characters behind Woodpainting (which surely includes Waking Windows Portland director Peter McLaughlin on drumming). Still plenty dodgy and weird, their music sounds like a bunch of too-smart goofballs got tired of making experimental music and started making something their moms could apprehend. A yes. | Sat, Sep 22 | Blue | 8:55 pm

Renata Zeiguer

Renata Zeiguer’s album Old Ghost will haunt you. Across nine tracks, Zeiguer’s tender, beguiling voice guides listeners through a plethora of emotions, contrasting samba rhythms, splintering guitars, and shifting percussive elements. Her lyrics are playful, but if you listen closely, quite dark. Zeiguer’s experience with (and deep passion for) classical compositions and reverb heavy jazz chords are clearly evident across this indie-rock enchantment. Don’t miss this one. | Sat, Sep 22 | Blue | 9:50 pm


Renata Zeiguer


The Apohadion Theater  107 Hanover St.

Bayside Bowl 58 Alder St

Blue 650A Congress St.

Congress Square Park 595 Congress St

Empire 575 Congress St

Flea-For-All 585 Congress St

Geno’s Rock Club 625 Congress St

The Jewel Box 644 Congress St

Local Sprouts Cooperative 649 Congress St

Maine Ballroom Dance 614 Congress St

New Fruit 82 Parris St

One Longfellow Square 181 Congress St

The Public Works 52 Alder St

SPACE 538 Congress St. (aka Waking Windows Hub)

Tandem Coffee & Bakery 742 Congress St.

University of Southern Maine, Payson-Smith Lawn, Bedford St

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