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A new Portland delivery service launched last week called Snacks on Snacks which — you guessed it — brings popular snack foods right to your door.

To start snacking on demand you must meet these three requirements: you must live in Portland or South Portland, you must place an order of $20 or more, and you must order online.

The founders of the company are Jessica Morse, a stylist from Vermont, and Douglas Rutamu, an immigrant from Rwanda who works at the Oxford Street shelter. Both live in Portland and launched the company last Tuesday (after years of sitting on the idea) as a "family side-hustle." About 14 minutes after the Snacks on Snacks website went live, the couple had their first customer. It was a messy evening of freezing rain and according to Morse, a Portland woman named Louisa cancelled her plans to stay in and snack. She found the service on Facebook and promptly ordered Oreos, Pillsbury cookie dough, Triscuits and cheddar cheese. A short time later, Rutamu showed up with her order.

“Since she was our first customer we threw a few extra small snacks in the bag and she answered the door with a huge smile and ended the interaction with a high five,” said Morse. “It seems a little cheesy but who isn't hyped about snacks?”

Snacks on Snacks has its entire inventory on hand, which is impressive because it’s quite large. They carry drinks like Snapple and sodas like Mountain Dew, breakfast items like cereal, Dunkin Donuts coffee and bacon, candy like gummy bears, Skittles and all the popular chocolate bars, and other treats like Ritz crackers, Oreos, Chee-zits, and Chips Ahoy. And loads more! Most items are priced about 25-50 cents more expensive than what you’d find at the gas station.

“We wanted to have all the most common indulgences as a base and now we are adding novelty items such as our Korean BBQ Kettle Cooked Chips, a better Haribo selection, etc.,” said Morse. “Once we get rolling we'd like to add local items and potentially beer and wine.”




It’s not hard to imagine this service being popular with those too drunk or stoned to drive but intensely craving something yummy. But Morse says the service is for people in any form of incapacitation. Snacks on Snacks even carries cough drops, gum, Nyquil, Pepto Bismol, and Tylenol, which would be useful for those that are ill, watching over children, stuck in a snowstorm, or hungover.

“It's also for anyone introverted who doesn't who avoids unnecessary social interaction but needs Netflix munchies,” said Morse. “I think we've all been stuck on the couch in some sweatpants jonesing for something tasty but too lazy to move. Drunk or sober, I've been there myself. That's why I was motivated to create Snacks on Snacks.”    

To start snacking visit

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