Learn About Auto Window Tint

It can be a bright idea to have tinted film applied to your car windows. (NAPS)

(NAPSI)—Automotive window films, or tint, offer a variety of benefits, such as reduced exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays, a cooler interior by rejecting up to 55 percent of the sun’s heat, reduced glare and more safety for the occupants.

Window films may hold glass fragments together that can result from a shattered window, reduce premature cracking and fading of the car’s interior and prevent 99 percent of the sun’s UV rays from damaging your skin and eyes through the normal unprotected glass found in side and rear windows of vehicles.

Throughout North America automotive window film is measured objectively by Visible Light Transmittance standards, or the percentage of light passing through glass, and subjectively whether a driver can be seen from the outside looking in, explains the nonprofit International Window Film Association.

Government authorities regulate how dark window tints can be, so you have to make sure your vehicle complies. If in doubt, you can visit www.iwfa.com and click the ‘State Law Chart’ tab listed under ‘News & Events’. You can find a free automotive tint booklet at https://iwfa.com/consumers/Literature.

clicktotweet “It can be a bright idea to put tinted film on your car windows. It reduces your exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays provides a cooler interior and can protect you from broken glass, explains the nonprofit International Window Film Association. http://bit.ly/2XrEPN9

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